Your annual S.O.S

Some of the action seen in the situation room :star_struck:


some donation statistics till now
tot # of ppl: 41
Bit- 9
Paybox - 7
Paypal - 22
Bank transfer - 3 (might be more on the way)

Avg per donor : 167 ILS

Avg by platform:
paypal- 210
paybox- 60
bit- 136
bank- 190

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SOS Update:
The foreclosure as suspected was injust.

The lady at the arnona was very kind and explained that she did not receive notification from the relevant arnona sub-department that deals with exemptions. Our Mosad Mitnadev Plea was under review, only that it was rejected.
According to her, we may have been brushed off. This is important.

Practically, due to beauroccratic error *, the arnona recepient did not actually forward our letter to the right sub-department and neither did they get an update from Misrad Hapnim.

The proof for our case is thanks to a simple ack which Ronen, a long trusted TAMI acker, was careful yet ruthless to insist on getting.


  • The request for foreclosure (עיקול) on her system was lifted until 31.12.2019 so we can breath a bit
  • Since we already paid 11000 NIS , that’s 100% of the 33% - we owe them 0 SHEKELS (ZERO) until there’s a resolution from Misrad Hapnim :star_struck:
  • The foreclosure will be lifted in 48hrs. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
  • In the meantime we need to update her when we hear from Misrad Hapnim :joy:
  • We pursue full steam ahead to obtain support for Mosad Mitnadev! :nerd_face:
    Arnona round 3 - focus group for artists and makers of Tel Aviv
    Other than the fact that we deserve it, it is also worth AT LEAST 66,000 NIS since the submission is for 3 years. We may able to claim retrospectively from the 1st point of submission in 2018.

*error - Maybe we can consult TA Muni plan some strategy to prevent this from happening with an improved digitization strategy. Think about it.





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(let me know if the cat is too much )


Well done Ronen , Yonatan, Kfir , et al, this was a most felicitous resolution to our compounded difficulties. I propose a massive partay with levitating cats, and also to pretend like the pressure is still on so as to actually generate some positive cash flow dynamics.

JR good idea, care to draw a plan for such event? :smiley:

It’s postponed to 31.12.2019, a resolution of sorts.

It has long been established that sofa’s don’t reach escape velocity on their own. In order to facilitate liftoff, cats , peanut-butter and a loud party are a must.

We increased the volume of the vessel a bit but the sightglass is still dirty. Whether it was real pressure or negapressure is yet to be determined.

can we hack it? is up to us really,
the pressure is still on, and we can pretend we’re selling our souls and that “they got us” but it surely doesn’t mean we can’t do it while having fun.

Yesterday evening saw some interesting action with various projects running in parallel:
megaphonon, digital safe, chromatograph, microscope camera uplink and the highlight, TAMI cosmetics: AKA ye ole man’s Scrotum
We also got ourselves a ludicrously insane serendipitous promo video

Hi the cat is too much.
Better would be a line under the logo to explain what tami is.
The only makerspace that is special (because of people and projects, or the like)

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Update to FB post. Following a hot lead to increase exposure, we’ll also publish it as an event.

English followed by Hebrew.

שלום שלום שלום!

רצינו לעדכן על כמה התפתחויות מהימים האחרונים.

בראש וראשונה ההתפתחות הכי מדהימה היא ההצפה המרגשת בכמות תגובות ודרכים יצירתיות לעזור לתאמי .

מאנשים שהגיעו לתאמי כדי לתרום, לשהות עוד קצת בתאמי, לעריכת המלל עצמו כדי לחדד את המסר ועד חיבור לאנשים שיכולים לעזור, וכמובן כל שקל, דולר, יורו ופאונד שנתרמו.

האירוע הזה שינה לרבים מאיתנו את התפישה לגבי מיהי תאמי . אנחנו מתייחסים לזה כהאק לכל דבר. האקינג חברתי בתור קהילה רק שהפעם הוא עבור תאמי ולא בתאמי . וזה מה שתאמי צריכה כדי לשגשג, אז

תודה רבה רבה לכל מי שתרמ/ה עד עכשיו!

מה קורה בפרונט של העיריה? נכון לעכשיו תאמי קנתה קצת זמן.

אחרי ביקור בעיריה, כפי שטענו - העיקול לא היה מוצדק היות שאנחנו בתהליך בירור זכאות למוסד מתנדב ונולד עקב תקלה בירוקרטית בין המחלקות של אגפי הארנונה.

העיקול של 22,000 הושהה עד ה-31.12.2019 או עד שנקבל דחיה רשמית ל"מוסד מתנדב" ממשרד הפנים.

בזכותכם נכנסו בימים האחרונים קרוב ל 13000 ש"ח והיד עוד נטויה כך שהסיכוי של תאמי לשרוד את העיקול עלה.

באם תתקבל תשובה שלילית למוסד מתנדב עבור השנים 2019-2021 -אנחנו לא נוותר ונעתור, אנו בוחנים את זכויות תאמי בעניין זה.

לא רק כי זה שווה מעל 66,000 ש"ח (ואם רטרואקטיבית אז כמה שנים טובות של גביית יתר) .
אנחנו באמת מוסד מתנדב ובעוד מוסד כמו תאמי הוא מאוד ייחודי (אך חיוני באקוסיסטם), המאבק של תאמי אינו ייחודי. תאמי היא קוד פתוח ומבינה שהמאבק להכרה יעזור גם לבאים אחרינו.

לכל מי שהציע/ה עזרה לתאמי עד כה היה מכנה משותף - בקשה למידע על מה שקרה וקורה.

איגדנו את כל החומר והשתלשלות העניינים בנושא הארנונה, מהטופס של מוסד מתנדב, לעתירה לארנונה ואף לקבלה על התשלום האחרון של הארנונה ששילמנו - הכל במקום אחד בכדי שתוכלו להעביר את זה ישירות למי שלדעתכם.ה צריך.ה לשמוע ועשוי לעשור.

[Arnona round 3 - focus group for artists and makers of Tel Aviv]

תודה על הנכונות לעזור!

אנא המשיכו עם ההצעות! הקהילה זקוקה לכם.

Hello everyoneת

We wanted to update you with the developments in TAMI’s situation in the past few days.

1st and foremost the most amazing development is the flood of offers to help TAMI in various creative ways.

From people that came to TAMI in person to donate, to be a little bit more in TAMI, assiting with editing the text into a clearer message, connecting to other people, to every shekel, dollar, pound and euro that’s been donated.

The foreclosure event was a turning point and has changed our perception of “ WHO IS TAMI ?“. We’re treating the arnona challenge as a hack par excellance, but this time it is a social hack, done as a community, for TAMI. This is what TAMI needs to flourish, so Thank you very very much for all the help and donations so far!

So what’s been happening at the Municipality Front?

TAMI gained *a little * extra time.

Following a visit to the Municipality, as we suspected - the foreclosure and execution order were unjust. It was born from a bureaucratic error, in the transfer of information from one Arnona sub-dept to the other Arnona sub-dept. The foreclosure of 22000 NIS has been suspended until 31.12.2019 , or until we get official recognition as a “volunteer organization”.

Thanks to you, nearly 13000NIS has been raised and counting, this has increased the chances of TAMI surviving this foreclosure.

If our application to obtain “volunteer organization” 2019-2021 is rejected, we will NOT give up on it and may take the plea to court. We’re checking TAMI’s rights on the matter, not only because it is worth 66000NIS, but also because while TAMI is a very unique organization our struggle is not unique. TAMI is opensource and the next TAMI that will come after us will continue from the point where we will eventually win, or stop. This battle is going into the repository of volunteering organizations.

There was one common denominator to all of you who offered help - request for more information.

Currently it is in hebrew (except for the 1st “about tami” document in the link). Translations are welcome!

[Arnona round 3 - focus group for artists and makers of Tel Aviv]

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where did you post it ?

presently it has been posted as a comment on the existing post.
As per one of the suggestions - an event will be opened to reach additional audiences and published there as well.
I suppose the English version may as well be posted again on its own but haven’t got to it yet.

I also made friends like Mitch Altman aware of TAMIs situation - who donated and said he would further spread the word. Will be back in Tel Aviv and TAMI Nov 20 - and happy to help more to keep TAMI alive and growing:o


by the way - how do people feel about creating a Patreon page for TAMI? Similar to Noisebridge in San Francisco?
Would both make it easier for international donators to donate (my banks interface kept telling me the IBAN/BIC I entered was wrong… even while it copy and pasted it… so I wasn’t able to make a bank transfer… and my PayPal doesn’t work and I don’t want to deal once again with their horrible support, so I will just donate cash when I come back) - but also creates a network effect - the more patreons we would have, the more people feel they should join as well.

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Hi Marco, thanks for the support, feedback and bugfinding! :heart_eyes_cat: :paw_prints:
Looking forward to seeing you on the 20th
We have an event on that day the whole day, TAMI Last-Chance Repair Cafe 20th Nov 2019

Btw we started a patreon but it requires volunteer(s) to pickup and maintain from its current state

oh cool:)
and about Patreon: the current membership levels are … confusing to be honest^^ could possibly help with improving the page when I am back :slight_smile:

As close to a bug report as we get, were you using this number: IL880262880000000429511 (appears both on the wiki front page and the money_matters page)? can you share a screenshot?