Kostya (phone 0548132300decimal + 10101binary) is interested in having a workshop occur at TAMI where someone of us shows a group of up to 15 people:
a. how to use household tools , for home repairs eq fixing faucets
b. how to use some basic electronics tools eg soldering.

who can do it ? when ? pls. answer here, I will send him the thread .

I can do it. Probably sometime within the next 2-3 weeks.

If you need help, I can join up.

Cool, I just might need help, we’ll see what it is they actually want.

btw, this could maybe be developed into a general “handyman” class. Already have some good ideas on what/how to do/teach.

Details about the required workshop:
27/02/2020, around 15 participants, 3h in the evening.
Working with screwdrivers and heavy-duty screwdrivers, cutting with saws, soldering, plumbing ( learning about the connections inside plumbing systems, using pipe wrenches)

We need a guide and relevant equipment for the participants for exercise.

We will brings saws.

If you can help with only some of the topics, we can still arrange it, by allocating additional guide for the rest.

Pls let me know if it’s relevant to you.

This is all possible. I suggest we do the following: build a mock up wall, and attach a sink to it. This will require: cutting plywood to size for the wall construction, constructing the wall and making the attachments for the sink using screws, and installing the water pipes. This covers everything except soldering, which we can do separately. Not sure if we can fit it all into 3 hours, though.
How about electricity? We can include installing a socket, switch and lamp into the mock up wall.

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I’m adding a quick sketch of my idea, to make things clearer:

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Seems like a good direction.
A few clarifications:

  1. You propose this whole setup to be constructed during the workshop, thus exercise the various topics? If so, how are all of the 15 participants going to exercise simultaneously?
  2. Can you get the materials?
  3. It’s plausible to include some verbal introduction to each tool or method exercised thereafter.
  4. Is there enough room at your premises?
  1. Yes, we will have everyone doing various parts of the build, if need be, we can make two walls, so that all can experience everything.
  2. We will get/scavenge the materials.
  3. Every step will be backed by an explanation/short lecture to explain how to use the tools, and what is the logic behind it.
  4. We will make room.