Where is the last Arnona? [was: Status of Water payment - I see one happened]

This is great - @rshouker that is your work?

But the bottom line as you can see from the number on the left, 5675.51, is that we cannot pay the bigger/main arnona. Anyone knows when it is due? if you have the form, please paste it here (I think it can be public, do you agree?)

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It’s not my work, I didn’t get around to do the Horaat Keva yet.
The Arnona was due on 1.12, but I think the bill was for over 8,000. Jeremy
should have the bill.

@jeremy.rutman - do you have the bill? I can pay it and later get a refund from the amuta (I’ll make a paper trail).

i paid one water bill a while back for a few hundred nis. its not super clear if this thread is about water, arnona, both. I dont have ‘the bill’ whatever one we might be talking about, but they generally are in the yellow folder in white cabinets , and are sometimes scanend and get into the tami dropbox.

@jeremy.rutman - Are you today at TAMI and can look for it, and if found scan it?

i need it too :0



Thanks. So given 2000 more nis we can pay this from the account. Problem is, who does it? @jeremy.rutman do you remember if/how we payed the arnona via the account before? @kfir did you make the water payment arrangement? Can you make it for the arnona too?

i think we did a 2-person-required acc’t-to-acc’t xfer but not sure , we’d need a destination bank acct for that tho and i don’t remember arnona having such a thing