Wekan kanban boards (TAMI task management) made public

  • :eye: Kanban boards are now public.https://wekan.telavivmakers.org/ (registration required)

  • Recap: The Kanban board depicts work at various stages of a process using cards to represent work items and columns to represent each stage of the process (kanban board on wikipedia):sleeping:
    We’re trying to use it as a tool for managing the multitude of TAMI tasks among several volunteers more effectively. :coffee::drooling_face:

  • This way, anyone who thought of helping TAMI and wasn’t sure how can now chose one of the tasks in the backlog (the left hand column) and contribute to TAMI by pushing the task towards the right. :muscle:

  • If you have an idea on how to help TAMI and don’t want to forget it - simply add it to the backlog!:bulb: :smiley:

  • Anyone who wishes to be involved is welcome to register !

  • Coming soon! a Kanban Board online in TAMI, at the (upcoming) entry desk , next to the (upcoming) shiny donation box, right hand side on the way out of the door.:star_struck:

*There are several boards with different types of tasks.