Visitor from Holland - TAMI Friday 24th of May

Hello Tel Aviv Makers,

My name is Dimitri Modderman als Hobbybob from the Netherlands.
I am chairman of Dutch hackerspace Https://

Tomorrow I am coming to Tel Aviv for business.
Fridayafternoon I have time off to spent time on my own , I was hoping someone could show me TAMI? My hotel is only 2km from TAMI in Neve Tsedek, so is nearby.

Hope to hear from you, love to see your hackerspace. Likewise you are always welcome if you come to The Netherlands to visit Bitlair.

TL;DR: wanting to visit TAMI on Friday 24th in afternoon/evening.

Kind regards,
Dimitri Modderman

At what time do you want to stop by? The only issue is to make sure somebody is there, and not everybody down at the beach or something :slight_smile:

I’ll swing by in the afternoon, you can reach me at 0544234680 + 0b100

Hi Jeremy ,
That sounds awesome, from what time onwards you will be there ?

Would 1600hrs be ok with you ?
And do I need to add Plus Nine 7 two to your number ?
Kind regards

I want to move to my other hotel in the morning and then visit IDF museum and maybe Carmel Market. Afterwards end of afternoon I would like to visit .maybe 16-17hrs ?
Or later if that suits you better ?

Kind regards,


You won’t have a bus for return, since it will be at Friday
evening, and there are no public transport in Israel on Saturday
(except in Haifa)

Hi Alon,

That is not a problem as I heard taxis are driving and I would love to try a Limes scooter .
In the worst case I walk back to my hotel which is 2km.

I very much love to visit you guys. Tried to send text to Jeremy, not sure I decoded the right number (think I did).

Edit: big change in plans as the IDF museum seems to be closed as they are moving to Jerusalem . So I will visit Carmel Market but can already be in the hackerspace sooner if that would be more convenient ?

Right, good points, both will work.