VDSL2 Router with OpenWRT sold in Israel


@yuvadm looking at you:
I need to buy a router to replace my malfunctioning N600 and I cannot find any intersection between ksp.com | ivory.com & openwrt.org

Does anyone know where to buy one that is supported?


Try plonter and zigzag2000 too.

Zigzag site is not up to date. Send them mail.

BTW, installing new internet in apartment, does anyone know of a way to start with a decent router not from the ISP?

You can use the ISP router as modem or buy one yourself.
Look here: https://www.netcheif.com/Articles/VDSL_Router/VDSL_Router.htm

That is exactly what I am talking about. I had a router that broke, TP-LINK TD-9980, worked with openwrt, had some small problems but now it just died so I’m looking to replace it.
I found via openwrt this on ebay I’m going to try to buy:
BT Home Hub 5@ebay

This type of model (VDSL2) fits bezeq infrastructure, if you need hot than I think you need something else.

Right, I’m just trying to avoid that. i.e. I prefer not to have another router at home that I do not control.

Plonter also produced zero routers supported by openwrt. Zigzag as well, at least what you say is not up to date - how do you know?

OK, got Bezeq installed today in my apartment, vdsl2, TD-W9970 when I borrowed from a friend, so I am looking to order the best meanest router you can recommend.

I ordereda Netgear DM200 which I will test as soon as it arrives.

Has only one ethernet port and no external antenna. I am looking for something that would run the house.

@yuvadm Do you have any input? Good VDSL2 router?

I plan to complement it with another router offering wifi. If I could find one doing both I would.

Going to UK, seems like there is a larger variety of routers there. Anyone can recommend anything from Amazon.co.uk?

i have the TD-W9970 at home, it might run the same hardware as TD-W9980, or close enough to use the same Firmware. i’ll update you. * looking for my screw driver *

i’ll get back to you in couple of days. bug me if not

meanwhile I switched to HOT so now I need a what, DOCSIS 3.0 compatible modem? not even sure what to look for. Anyway, VDSL2 not relevant for now. Thanks.

So I got in London a Linksys WRT1900ACS router. They go for 1020NIS here, and 550NIS in UK (paid 750 because I had 2 days). They actually say “Open source ready” on the box.
Its super powerful and I would love ideas about how to use it. Can also report here tests.

It seems from what I am reading vdsl2 firmware is proprietary and not supported in OpenWRT. So I have to have a modem, and a powerful router and not a single device (as much as I want to save on power usage).