The sad state of 3D printing station. Volunteers wanted!

The current state of 3D printing station is very sad. Tools lying around on the tables, printer filaments collecting dust and spread on the floor, no indication which printers work and set up… More reminders of 3D printer storage area, and not a “workstation”, which completely negates the idea of TAMI. If I would set up a welding station in a way that only I could use it it would be uncool.
Therefore I want to find new person to take care of this station. Who agrees?
I’m ready to help, hang shelves and storage bins.

אסף אחראי על האיזור אני חושב.

יום שני הוא יהיה בתאמי לסדר דברים. דבר איתו.

I see Marcos already did something about it, and it is great. I just see that he doesn’t have enough time to be in TAMI on regular basis, and I don’t want that this station will fall into disuse - this is why I’m proposing to find someone who can keep it in order on perhaps more regular basis. A lot of people want basic course on 3D printing and ability to use the station themselves.
The problem was also originally outlined by a visitor to TAMI.