Thank you TAMI crew

A short while ago I won a Hackathon alongside good friends, and last week we donated our prize money (3000 NIS) to TAMI. This was not an arbitrary choice: as a student I used to work on my thesis and other other fun projects from TAMI, and to this day I still come from time to time.

TAMI is the most tolerant and inclusive tech-n-craft space I know. Being a woman in tech, I cannot stress out how full of shit the world is. TAMI people were and are always great.
Thank you for working hard on keeping TAMI alive and kicking.

Here’s the project:

Here are some more words explaining it:


thank you sharonio, this made me happy

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So cool, project & post.

Vide0Dat! project lecture night @TAMI anyone?

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Wow Orian, this is really awesome!

Amazing project and thank you so much for the support and the kind words <3

Thank you so much sharonio! :star_struck:
Not only for sharing your preciously earned prize money

This is amazing and very encouraging! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Very cool project ! Orian !
Thank you for the support!