Tami specific projects WIPs

here below is a summary of imminent projects tami plans.
some are must have, some are nice to have

as some my know, we have just signed an extension to our lease on the shoken 9 location. for two years, at same $

aside from your own projects and interests tami has some general maintenance plans.
not all of this can be completed by non-professionals (like electricity), but even there, much can be made just by interested people. you dont need to be an expert to draft the electrical outlet situation , for instance. or to decluters, obviously.

this are not by order

Feel free to edit, this is a wiki post.
if you choose to refer or split this to other areas,
by all means. just consider keeping/adding a link so we can search for it.

  1. #electricity
    a. electric safari- map current electric situation.
    b. what works
    c. what is dangerous
    d. where do we miss outlets, power rating and balancing TBD

  2. front_door_fix
    make it work, or not break
    need to remove much of what’s behind it.

3. floor fix
at entrance

4. decluttering.
a. one rule, only working things should be on hand
b. non-working things should be recycled / claimed

5. tami digital library\archive
NAS with 4x14TB of storage for local consumption

6. wood room
a. dust suction - need to have a bit of negative pressure so dust from wood room will travel less into other orifices of tami

7. air compressor
a. preferably external
b. preferably with outlets in wood and metal rooms

8. electric corner
a. more shelves, better shelves.
b. less half working things.

9. Air conditioning and air circulation
a. The space gets quite hot, specially on summer or when doing more physical work

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