סקר תאמי - בקשה לעזרה - TAMI poll - request for help

English version below.

שלום לכולם,

לאור המצב הנוכחי, איבוד כסף כל חודש כי ההוצאות גדולות מההכנסות, יעשה סקר בימים הקרובים להבין מי בדיוק נמצא בתאמי, ומתוכם מי בדיוק רוצה מקום פיזי, ומה הם מוכנות לעשות בשביל זה.

כדי למקד את הסקר אני פותח מסמך משותף. בבקשה פתחו אותו או הגיבו פה, מה שנוח לכם, לאמור:

איזה שאלות ומה הניסוח הספציפי לשים בסקר?

התוכן הראשוני:

האם אתם מרגישים חלק מתאמי? כן\לא
האם אתם רוצים שלתאמי יהיה מקום פיזי? כן\לא
כמה כסף אתם מוכנים לשים חודשית על מקום פיזי? 0 50 100 200 400 1000 פתוח
כמה זמן אתם מוכנים להשקיע חודשית בצורת סדנאות או ארגון לטובת מקום פיזי? 0 1 שעה 2 שעות 4 שעות 10 שעות פתוח
הערות? (שאלה פתוחה)

לעריכה שיתופית (והתוכן הסופי לפני שאפתח את הסקר):


Hello everyone,

In light of the monetary situation, namely we are losing money monthly, a poll will be issued in the next few days to figure out who exactly is TAMI, who wants a physical space, and what they are willing to do about it.

To create this poll I am opening this thread and a joint etherpad. Please, if you want to contribute either edit the pad directly and/or answer here.

The current questions are:

Do you consider yourself a part of TAMI? yes/no
Would you like TAMI to have a physical presence? yes/no
How much money are you prepared to put monthly to that effect? 0 50 100 200 400 1000 other
How much time are you prepared to put monthly to that effect? 0 1 hour 2 4 10 other
Any comments? open

Etherpad instance (will contain the final version):


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הייתי אולי משנה טיפה את דרך הצגת השאלות, בעיקר אלו עם המספרים

במקום לכתוב סכומים, הייתי כותב טווחים:

כמה שעות תיהיה מוכן להקדיש לתמי בחודש ממוצע?

  1. עד 3 שעות.
  2. בין 3 -5 שעות
  3. מעל 10 שעות
  4. 30 ויותר

Do you consider yourself a part of TAMI? yes
Would you like TAMI to have a physical presence? yes
How much money are you prepared to put monthly to that effect? (some
solidarity donation when I am out of Israel, some bigger donation when
I am in and use facilities of TAMI)
How much time are you prepared to put monthly to that effect? (8 hours
remote time out of Israel a month, >5 days of physical time a month
when I am in Israel for longer trip)
Any comments? TAMI is the best maker space / hacker space known to me
in Israel and should survive. In Germany there are a lot of CCC clubs
and maker spaces, many are non-commmercial clubs “Eingetragener
Verein” like sports clubs, hobby clubs and so on.
So it also depends on the legal paramerters, as e.g. a Verein does not
pay any taxes,
if it is recognized to do charity work like “education”, “sports”,
“youth activities” and so on.
As being tax-free is also a trap, as it can be revoked also for the
past and can kill a club,
many ccc clubs are not operated in the tax free mode in order to
remove the trap and the
mode of control (checking finances) by the state. But taxes are not
that high, they are only on
earnings and there is no such thing as annona / city tax.
Maybe, it is wise to ask NGOs how they cope with city tax and how they
are financed, so
there might be something to learn.

How much money has been saved by the move?



I would have come to help moving, but the corona situation makes
travel difficult.

Stupid Idea:

Transform TAMI into a technical torah learning club (grab 2 old sets
of talmud, shulchan aruch, Rambam, and some siddurim and put them into
the shelves for display - if someone whants to learn torah, he can
do…), maybe, it goes tax free…
The story is like this: we use technology and making as a tool to get
the people in and then
connect them to torah - kiruv / I am not sure if it needs to be shomer
shabat. Maybe “reform kiruv” is ebouh :slight_smile:
I learned that torah institutions are completely tax free, so if you
dont want to pay anona make
a bet knesset from your storage room :slight_smile:



Hi Ludwig,

I guess I wasn’t clear - this was the pre-poll thread. But I guess we can ignore that now :slightly_smiling_face:

how much money did we save? this is debatable - since the money in also went down, and possibly because of the move (I would have to ask everyone who stopped donating, and I didn’t).

About our expenses, we went down from about 11k to about 6k (I’m not entirely sure of the numbers, and I don’t want to delay my answer - I think this is mostly accurate, ±20%).

According to this [*] TAMI burns 6k/month (excluding past debt payments). Down-scaling from 13k/month at kg45 took a ton of work from many awesome people, but might not be enough with covid and all.

This implies a 300/month minimal member fee for 20 members, 200/m for 30, etc. assuming uniform contributions. History tells us that 1. practically no one has a clear view of the fee-income-status at any point in time and 2. it may be the case that reaching critical paying-member mass is truly out of reach, suggesting differential fees and whatnot…

Back to the survey:

  • I’d make sure the intro includes a minimal-sustainable monthly donation figure and explains where it comes from, maybe include some support-time-frame context to the any survey options.
  • Would avoid the whole time-donation topic and focus on balancing TAMI financially.

So can we find enough people willing to back an independent, physical TAMI during covid and beyond? sure hope so.

[*] TAMI budget spreadsheet - https://ethercalc.net/=y5u4nvxzwe

ok, so I took some feedback from all of you, thanks. I’m going to publish it now.

Obtaining clause 46 approval (tax deductable donations) may or may not bring more money into TAMI. Worth asking if donations would change & by how much if we had it.