TAMI "Open for Business"

In response to feedback we received from marketing efforts we’re now in process of increasing the hours of “Guaranteed to be Open (GTBO)” (פתוח על בטוח) times for the general public.

  1. Sunday Evening (David) [as before]

  2. Tuesday Evening (Eshay) [new]

  3. Wednesday Evening (Ronen) [as before]

  4. Thursday Evening (Jonathan) [new]

More coverage desired!: if you can extend TAMI’s coverage GTBO please come forward!
Daytime also good.

The idea is to pilot extended GTBO for a period of 1 month (starting from 2nd week of May) to increase TAMI’s public outreach and availability to the maxi
Hopefully alongside other marketing efforts this will help us gain traction and critical mass of visitors, some of which will end up paying directly and/or add to our community in other ways.

I would like to get the exact hours so I could update it on FB.

Sunday is already movie night (and you can’t really use any machines or turn on the lights during the movie, it doesn’t work).

Tuesday and Thursday have lectures sometimes.

So how does it help?

it definitely helps if all the events/workshops are listed on the same board.

Earlier this week some dude tried to use power tools during the movie. Next time someone might be welding during a biology lecture.

  • Shay, for GTBO Tuesday please confirm exact times with Eshay
  • GTBO Thursday’s (starting from 16th of May) I will be 19:00 - 21:30 (maybe before and after)
  • Re:movie Sunday is 1900 - 2100 , the movie starts at 2100.

I wouldn’t classify GTBO as an event, rather as a status, and I don’t believe it should prevent dedicated events such as lectures from occurring (in fact, an event guarantees the place to be open).

Still in favour of keeping movie night as a weekly anchor (though perhaps a different day of the week will get a higher turnout) as it adds creative and community value.
However, I think we should make an effort to adapt to the market demand if we want to survive, especially as being open for making is one of the primary purposes of the place.

Since the demand itself is dynamic (goes for both movies and making), we would meet it optimally if we can respond on the fly to a situation where more visitors arrive for making than arrive for a movie.

The evening could still turn out to be fun for us as operators if we accept in advance such a situation and allow people to work and do something else instead of a movie, maybe even help them actively and join the (other) fun.
Worst case we postpone the movie for a different week for a time a higher ratio of visitors are receptive to it.

Maybe instead of the ISA TAMI channel we can have a separate calandelar for open hours; separate from our events calendar, that is.
Each entry (event) would have the member name (optional) and the status of guaranteed or tentative.

Tuesday 16:00-1900

Can you also add the times to the Wiki?

Calendars often support having two events at the same time

Ronen: The calendar is less accessible to people than the telegram channel.

Regarding the calendar issue:

  1. Regarding the accesability telegam vs. calendar, if we have the calendars on our home page, as we should, it will be very accesable.

  2. Two calendars will provide two different colors.

  3. Key hoders who have the event calendar displayed on top of their personal calendar, won’t put the open hours calendar too, less clatter.

  4. We can give a new fake user permissions to edit the open hour calendar, and have access to it from the console at the entrance, so any member that comes can add his visit on it.

אריה מוכן לאייש ימי שני בין שש לתשע.

אריה שינה את זה לימי שני מ-7 עד 10.

אריה מעדכן ימי שני בשבוע הראשון והשלישי של החודש


  • במאי זה ה-5 וה-19 לחודש
  • יוני ה2- וה-16 לחודש
  • יולי 7 וה-21
    מקווה שנאייש בקרוב גם את השבועות המשלימים, בעיקר בין יוני 16 ליולי 7

הוספתי ללוח השנה