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edit: Current index on the wiki: https://www.telavivmakers.org/index.php/TAMI_media

Trying to put together an up-to-date resource list (aka media kit) for TAMI angel seekers, that is people looking to find financial supporters for TAMI.

Current list is a bit lacking, feel free to add links to resource not mentioned.


  • wiki images (unsorted) - link
  • JR’s donation letter - en & he versions - link
  • JR’s TAMI presentation - link: 404
  • old: glass-room-era 360 deg. VR youtube video by Tzahi M. - link
  • old: TAMI in the media refs - link
  • AFAIK all mediagoblin material was lost somewhere circa 2016.

יש לך תמונות בדרייב של תאמי.

ויש תמונות מסודרות מאירועים תחת תיקיית marketing

I also long proposed that TAMI will be it’s own entity on Telegram and Instagram as well, and making an interactive “Intro to TAMI” can be also very beneficial IMO.

In the link below to google photos TAMI Pictures folder you can find concentrated the videos and photos.
Unfortunately the only way I found to efficiently separate between videos and photos is to download the entire folder and sort afterward.

At the end of August I separated all the videos if that helps:

Furthermore , feel free to use the campaign planning & specs document.

There have been several attempts to make an intro video for / about TAMI which was identified as major milestone for various PR purposes, incl. getting (social) investment, dissemination, anchor for landing page etc.
There’s quite an abundance of raw material and also some additional in private hands such as Ruti, Betty’s friend / landlady that came to video several times.
The key for this is edit the video material into one coherent message and so far noone has been able to complete.
Ruti for example is working on editing on her side, but slowly.

How about we have a meeting to kick this off and go over the materials together and see how we can push forward the editing (e.g. helping Ruti, finding more friends who can edit etc).
1st meeting can be online
@_AS @shayg @SoundSurgeon

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הסרטון ישן לא מעודכן ולא מחמיא לתאמי !!!

Can you share the link?

Current media index on the wiki:


Hi all,

I try to get support from German Government for Tami as there is a budget for culture and scientific exchange.
Here is the german link
If you put it into google translate you get an Idea.
Any ideas what aspects of tami should be stressed in order to be successful?
Looks like real science cooperation. We need something like culture and knowledge transfer, and something in that field.
Germany tries to be friendly to Israel and Israeli organizations, so maybe we can collect monthly donations, if we are good and clean the floor once a month😃



Hi it would be good to have a ppt presentation about tami and some videos like.
“I am Jonatan and I like to meet interessting people and to do projects on … /show project e.g. (hydroponics with led in a plastic box stored in shelves) and how it makes the world a better place”
“I am Asaf, and I like to do electronics and nice projects / show projects. It helps me to network with nice people …”

So we would have an image film to be shown to potential sponsors.
Not professional quality but quite good, shot with slr cam in full hd. And audio recorded using a podcast mic with integrated sdcard to record quality audio.
Postprocessing of video and sound, cutting will be needed. But shaky image is quite ok if not too shaky as it shows hands on and truthful maker style. Home made image video.

So if some people prepare more image material, other people can go around to shnorr money for tami. I will try it in Germany and concentrate on the german israeli cooperation initiatives launched by germany.

Important is that tami is open for everyone including arabs, as Germans like inclusive projects that also support arabs.
All together, lets have peace together thats what they want to see. So I think anyone with peaceful intensions should be welcome and it should be shown as such as international money is more likely to flow on integrative cultural technological empowerment clubs (repair cafe is a big goodie in that discipline if beeing fir the people).
If you would make a jews only makerspace in Izhar no cent would flow😃



Hi Ludwig,

I think you’re absolutely right - showcasing projects with the personal angle is a good way to tell the story (but not the only way, depending on the objective).
(also, spot on with the hydroponics, but I didn’t get far with it :sweat_smile:)

Another possibility is to have showcased projects videos woven as sections of a tour of TAMI while people are working on each station.

But the bottleneck is finding an editor,

Anyone up to the mivtza / mitzva ?

Hi Jonatan,

what about moving to cbs tlv?
Plenty of space, a lot of the shops is used for art.

I got the idea as tami could do hydroponics with led and advanced cybernetic control (needle in haystack find interesting data on plant groth)
And put it into the empty shops in cbs tachana mercasit. This would be a show growing tomatos in cbs tlv with fancy lighting.
Why not getting a place in level3 in an area they already closed to the public as it got too rotten.
If it is cheap for long time it would be worth it.
Compare to “jiddish bookstore” on 5009? level 5
In the direction of the theatre?
So no revenue is generated as it is a culture club. So tami can do makers culture too and empower poorer people near cbs to learn computers and mechanical tools. I saw computer schools in one of the shops in a more dark and shity area of the cbs. CBS can be made a cool place with different culture initiatives, also tlv may ask for negative arnona aka funding good use if cbs.
What do you think?



answering on a new thread to keep the media thread on topic

This is realy awesome work, now we need to update it and use all intel we got to show it in the next presentation version. Things changed since this one was created.

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TAMI Arnona struggle - ready for dissemination:

redirected from the discussion from Arnona round 3 - focus group for artists and makers of Tel Aviv

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