Tami Maintenance

Hey all
TL;DR - We are organizing an event at TAMI next week 24.10.2022 to do some much needed maintenance and upgrades to TAMI. Please make an effort to attend. It is important as we may be making some significant changes and your input is greatly appreciated.

That does summarize the whole message (which is what makes it a good TL;DR) but here are some extra details:

  • We are going to be following the TODO list in the wiki in terms of what needs to get done.
  • As for how we are going to do it, we will use the good old yardstick of Do-ocracy and hope that motivated individuals will succeed in sharing their vision and working with others to implement that change.
  • If you would like to provide your input on what you would like to improve, please make an edit or use the wiki discussion page or communicate here

This highlights one of the things mentioned in the Wiki that we have a multitude of platforms and some consensus is needed on what platforms are working, what can be improved and what the actual needs are as far as the larger group is concerned.

You can see the meetup event here and find an agenda in the description. This is just a skeleton of structure, in reality we will probably spend alot of time discussing and debating certain aspects of the place.
Lets try do as much of that as possible now in this forum, on the wiki, wherever so that when we have the opportunity we can actually share a vision and just get to work

Want to be involved? Do the following:

  1. RSVP to the meetup event here
  2. Read through the TODO wiki page
  3. Share your input by discussing on this Forum, on Telegram, on the Wiki discussion page
  4. Rock up in person on the 24 October and lets get cleaning, organizing and fixing!

tamiout telegram thing > Telegram: Contact @tamiout

tami floorplan 2020 (WIP)

Hey everyone! hope you are doing well !
we’ve been having a bi weekly “TAMI cleanup and reorganization” for the last couple of months and things are really shaping up.
I thought that, there might be a few people on the mailing list who are not following the other comms channels who might not be aware of this happening and would like to join and meet all the new and old members.

The next get-together is at 21/11 2000 (some people show up earlier)
@44_4b is championing this event.

hope to see you !