Tami kitchen kickoff


This Wednesday we’re starting to prepare* for the upcoming cooking events.
There’s a tentative music event on Thursday. We’ll probably going to start with simple easily executable recipes.
In the long run this can take several directions. Several ideas have been floating around recently, such as:

  • recipe hacking, especially from salvaged food nutrients (if you have ingredients at home that you know that will not be used - bring them over!)
  • live streaming of open saurce recipe executions, in parallel to live music events.
  • experimenting with futuristic sources of protein
  • fermentation workshops, can be joined with some microscope action now that it’s been set up in the biolab

The common factor to whatever activity will take off is social, creation and a fair chance of eating something edible.

All welcome

*I.e. sort out the kitchen and finalize recipes. If you ever wanted to design the tami kitchen as a bar shaped from Vespa frames (see item 11 on Reporter coming to TAMI, looking for people doing crazy hobbies) this is your chance!

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Amazing! :clap: :clap: :clap:

This could be so much fun. Let’s do live coding + cooking! People can take turns coding music and cooking while others hangout while enjoying good music and food :smiley:

Let’s see how the event this Thursday goes but if it works well and people are into it, might be worth considering making it a weekly thing… People could come hang out for dinner on Thursdays before going out to grab a drink or party. Sounds like a really cool concept :partying_face:


Any hope to ever see a mixer / blender magic-bullet kind of machine in TAMI?

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Also Denisa and Amy will bring some posh fermentation gear. They come early as Amy have some thing at 6

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Well in that case, will bring some sourdoughs :grinning: the breads go well with soup (fermented or otherwise).
Do they happen to have kambucha SCOBY they can bring?

ps someone’s planning to make tea for tomorrow’s music event.
ps2 saw an interesting dusty assortment of large glass containers near the old dusty oven where

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hijacking thread

equipment list to have

  • stairs - create separation between stair banister and kitchen
  • create holder for lids on the banister separator
  • oven: replace or print knob
  • kitchen should have hot water - install Atmors
  • shelves
  • upgrade cutlery drawers
  • parquet
  • dish washer
  • blender stick
  • blender jug
  • silicone utensils like spatula, parchment “paper” etc
  • incubator

Hey, would love to do fermentation stuff too!
I have an instant pot and used it to make yoghurt. Its an 8 hour process, if you can king me I can make a batch this morning. But would love to do something with any other kind of yeast anyone here might have.

Do you need any other kitchen gadgets? I can make a ton of creme brulee in the sous vide tomorrow noon if alerted in time.

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yes please bring yourgurt!

and creme barurlee most welcome
there are some natural based yeast activities

will make wiki list for kitchen gadgets

Really like this, and the execution was great!

It was awesome! Lets do more!