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Yesterday I shared a post about an online free course in hebrew. Later Yair pointed out that until now only TAMI related post where shared there.
So I would like to read your opinion about this.

As I see it, TAMI is here to spread knowledge. As long as the course is free (and if it’s for total beginners than also in hebrew), I think it should be shared. It might also help us spread the word on facebook.

I’m with Yair on that. There are many other places on the web that link to courses and TAMI should focus on projects/event from the place. If the post itself is of a project made in TAMI and whoever did it learnt from the course, than please link.

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The difference between our Facebook page to our Facebook group, is that the page is for TAMI announcements only, and the group is a more free place, where non-TAMI activities can be shared.

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