TAMI 2021: time to make a choice

Hebrew version: soon, wanted to get this out the door in the meantime.

As mentioned before TAMI has been running in a financially unsustainable mode for some time [1,2]. Last Tuesday Yair posted a message regarding TAMI’s imminent closure which triggered a brainstorming session on how to save TAMI that evening (transcript attached).

With monthly costs at ~6k only partially covered & past debt growing, the time has come to make a choice regarding TAMI’s future. Basically there are three options:

  1. Shutdown (in a physical sense), focus on debt repayment and liveon virtually.

  2. Launch another fund raising campaign with a minimal target around three times the previous one

  3. Expand current support level to a minimum of 8k ILS/month to covering both ongoing and a slow rate of debt repayment.

The main issue with fund raising is that even if successful it fails to solve the sustainability issue and will likely land in a similar/worse spot 6 months from now. It also makes the core issue seem to dispensary which might actually be worse for TAMI. The main issue with expanding the current support level is widening the contribution gap among members which is bad over time.

So first, if anyone wants to pick up the fund-raising glove: go for it. The time window is rather small and things need to move fast.

I think we should simply come to terms with the cost of running a TAMI at the current location. With a few brave souls generously offering contributions over x3 normal member contribution! this seems doable, and while this is truly awesome we should still attempt to shrink this gap over time as. It seems to me that we have enough caring people to reach the 8k goal and possibly beyond, ie. more uniform contributions and more room to breath. A big plus in a solid support base is that donations coming from workshops become free to further help out TAMI where needed.

So, this is an attempt to take on the third option and see if we can reach our minimal support level on our own, essentially a continuation to Alon’s survey from Nov. 2020 [3]. You can find here an open supporters list where everyone can specify how much they are willing to contribute to keep TAMI alive and see it’s affect on overall TAMI sustainability:

link: TAMI supporters list

Please spread this post far and wide, hope all this will end up evolving TAMI for the good.

ps. big up for all those on the bureaucratic front line!