Table Saw broken. Our options

The woodworking room is one of the highlights in attracting people to TAMI, and the table saw is one of the main attractions. Unfortunately it is often broken, and it is broken yet again.
Max checked it and seen the the field winding (part on the motor) is malfunctioned.

Our options:

  1. To determine if other parts of the motors are broken. If not we can buy the field winding alone and replace it. We have already done this once. At the time (2016) at least, they didn’t sell it in Israel, so we had a friend of TAMI from Germany get it and ship it from there. The cost was about 70 euros (40 + German VAT + shipping.)
  2. Get a whole motor in Israel, at the time (2016) the cost was 900 NIS + VAT (according to @kfir.) We can use whatever is functional in the motor, as replacement parts to the new one.
  3. Get a completely new or used table saw, perhaps a more reliable one. The current saw belongs to Amitai, and I don’t know how he fills about returning it to him malfunctioning.

Your thoughts on the matter?

As I showed in the picture I posted in TAMI group, the 220V winding shows as open circuit when measured with AVM. In my repair experience, it is usually shows a failure in field winding. Marcus is absolutely right about the maintenance of the saw - dust extraction should be proper daily routine, saw maintenance should be a monthly one.

In my opinion replacing the motor together with all the moving parts like bearings and brushes is the best option. Replacing only the winding requires maintenance of the mechanical parts of the motor, which is not very economical in this case.

I think that 1100 nis is a normal price for table saw repair. Especially when the saw belongs to private person, not TAMI.

I haven’t been to TAMI in a while but I think that there should be sort-of-locks on devices that break often. Like an NFC reader. A member uses their card to use the saw or let someone they trust use the saw, then when it breaks we know who did it. Because 1,100 is an awful lot of money for a careless innocent error.
(Unless it’s regular wear and tear? Doesn’t sound like it)

I’m kind of shooting my own leg here because I’m not a member myself, and I do use the woodworking room and specifically the table saw. But I trust that it will work out well for me because a member in the space will either trust me, or watch over, or both.

Of course, it takes someone to execute it so that should be taken into account too. But even a notepad with list of people who used it and members making sure that visitors use it could possibly help.

I know the “messy” style is something that looks appealing to TAMIists but I think this will make TAMI seem more serious about its tools - they’re not just toys. And people will treat machines better if they’re presented as valuable tools.

(This is inspired by the London Hackspace which, as far as I understand, uses NFC readers and their version of a Rav Kav to let people unlock a machine and log who used it last)

I think that locks are against TAMI anarchistic spirit. It’ll also require more money invested in a solution.

So the anarchists put up the rules and the socialists pay. This seems a bit unfair.
Second, cameras are already installed in TAMI, and could provide such data as well, but the are "against TAMI anarchistic spirit’.
Sometimes it seems like TAMI anarchistic spirit shoots TAMI in the vital organs.

The cameras use filters so all u can see is there is someone there.

We should assume that people have good intensions and no laws required.