Sunday's intro to machining class

As I’ve been doing these introductory ‘classes’ in the past few months I’ve come to realize that a few changes/notices are in order.

  • First and foremost : Here is a playlist i compiled ,and will be periodically updating, that should serve as background info before coming to the class.
    Due to the natural time constraints that are forced upon us by our own mortality and me being a person who doesn’t like wasting that time when it can be better utilized to make chips out of metal (or your preferred starchy food staff), I’d like you to politely regard those videos as mandatory.

  • For the same reasons mentioned above : please come a few minutes before the actual start which is at 19:00 sharp. the class ends at around 21:00 but I do try to not finish without completing the current explanation. For updates or changes check beforehand

  • Safety :

  1. Tools and Machines may only be used by AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL.
  2. Only work with tools and machines that you have been authorized to use.
  3. Consider yourself UNAUTHORIZED until further notice.
  4. No loose clothing including ties, necklaces, floppy sleeves, jewelry, etc.
  5. Long hair MUST be tied back
  6. Safety glasses MUST be warn at all times
  7. Wear non-slippery, thick, leather work shoes, preferably rubber-soled
  8. Open-toed footwear is not permitted in the shop
  9. Safety guards MUST be in place at all times, ensure guides and fences are tight
  10. Keep you work area clean, do not place tools and materials on the machine table
  11. Put tools away when you are done using them
  12. NEVER leave tools unattended
  13. Only one person may work on a machine at a time
  14. Keep blades covered as much as possible
  15. NEVER push a cutter towards any part of your body
  16. NEVER remove metal chips, turnings, or shavings with your hands
  17. No running or horseplay
  18. No eating in the shop area
  19. It is your responsibility to know and follow these and all other relevant safety rules

hope to see you soon,


Great playlist, been waiting for it for a long time. Making one for welding area too, and same rules apply with addition of wearing long sleeved clothing, long pants and gloves on both hands while using the arc welder.

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useful links:

Agreed. I would add no gloves to point number 4. I’ve seen too many people try to use work gloves when they really shouldn’t…



Regarding continuation of No. 3 (unless I missed it written): authorization still means that if you’re not 100% sure about anything you can and have to ask for help.

Also see if you can condense some points. Many things can be united. E.g. responsibility of what to wear- 6,7 & 9 altogether.

Reminds me a bit of the do’s and don’s of a swimming pool. Maybe worth having an icon set to represent graphically as well

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i want to clarify that in general i want everyone to feel free to work with these tools, but as these are the tools that probs can cause the most harm, some common sense is needed.

i’m not sure what authorized mean, but i def agree with 4-19. it’s common sense to keep all your fingers.

Both the lathe and mill have bugs. If you don’t know about them, you’re bound to break bits, lose fingers and ruin the machines. THEY ARE NOT WORKING LIKE THEY SUPPOSED TO! PLEASE DO NOT USE THE MACHINES IF YOU DO NOT KNOW ABOUT THEIR QUIRKS AND SPECIALITIES!

For example, mill quill return spring is broken. This means quill (30 kg weight) will fall quite hard when the handle is being reset. If the bit is spinning, this can cause major damage both to machine and operator.
This is why we do an intro to machine room - to make people familiar with bugs. It is extremely dangerous to assume that machines in the room are in order and work properly.