Summary of meeting 2019-10-31

Please add to this thread since it was hard to track.
@daonb if I remember correctly you took notes while it was possible to keep track.

Starting from the end, adding numbers to give context.

  1. We need to decide if we are staying in the same place. Contract runs out this year.
    Rent is 7200 NIS, below market value, so likely to increase, unlikely to negotiate less.
    Arnona (starting y2020) is 2850 (+2% from 2019). If we get mosad mitnadev status this will give a discount between 33%-67% ( 940-1880 NIS) per month.
    We are still waiting to hear from Misrad hapnim. If we donโ€™t get the discount we will have a sudden debt of roughly 22,000 NIS.
    At this moment we have ~11,000 NIS at the bank. 5000 is foreclosed (ืขื™ืงื•ืœ).
    i.e. less than a month of expenditures.
    Brief discussion on finding a new place:
    in vrs out of tel aviv (no conclusion but some strong resistance to moving out of tel aviv even if the place is for free).
    currently pursuing alternatives in tel aviv.
    Yair: need to think creatively to find a solution.
    Main thread for this discussion: New location options for TAMI (another round of)

  2. Other topics discussed:

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What about moving to Ramat Gan or something that is in reach of
Railway, Buslines and bigger Streets?
What if an university provides the location for cheap?

Just thoughts,


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re: ramat gan etc, as noted - there was strong resistance for out of tel aviv, even if free.

uni or other similar organization to accommodate us was not discussed, this falls nicely within the creative solutions. but need contacts for that.

Current TAMI budget qoutes โ€˜arnonaโ€™ at 923.00 - not sure why this value was set before the discount was in formally given but suggest we correct it to what we are currently expected to pay.

changed it to the pessimistic scenario.