Smashing things for fun and profit

citizens of TAMI, Hello.

TAMI got some dangerous equipment + some dead hardware. I’ve been thinking how we can combine these 2 to get some exposure >> a few new members and possibility some $$ along the way.

then i figured i might be on to something here -

I’m offering to setup a youtube channel where things get demolished in all creative and shit ways. I expect some revenue in the form of advertisement $ that big G will force on top of the clips.

Required preparations - A presenter, some items as demolition candidates, a high speed camera, safety officer.

p.s. some roles can be merged into 1. for ex. a presenter can be the safety officer, but others no such much. I for one can’t imagine how a safety officer can also act as a high speed camera.

How much $? No idea… i hope (if however unlikely that something will go viral) to ~2000 NIS / month.

I’ve taken inspiration from viral marking campaign of Blendtec “Will it blend”.

How to get stuff? trash, items you hate and want to see destroyed, junk we have around that space (TAMI OUT is a great candidate), companies that want to advertise their product WHILE IT IS BEING DESTROYED. // dirty money, for good cause.

clip narrative

  1. 20 seconds - intro about what we this channel is about
  2. 1-2 minutes explanations about the current smash (what are we destroying, how, what are we expecting…) to build the tension
  3. 15 seconds “safety” build up
  4. 5 minutes for the destruction shuts themselves, in slo-mo follows by regular.
  5. call to action to follow the channel, come visit the hacker space or whatever.

i’m willing to do the “presenting” and the video editing for the uploads. i’m not the highly charismatic type, but i’ll do my best at least to get this rolling.

i do need help with suggestions for stuff that can be demolished? and how? (crushing, electrifying, blowing this up, smashing, chemical reactions, writing a virus that makes the thing go up in smoke… all goes and the most exotic the better.

and does someone has a high speed camera?

LMK what you all think about this.

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I know some junkyard dogs who built a giant hydraulic scissors in their scrapyard in haifa,
we can slice the crap out of some stuff there. dropping concrete-filled barrels is a time-honored favorite.
surrounding with cordite may be good for some hits ., plasmification is possible but i don;t know how photogenic.
monkey-collider may be interesting, ie accelerate macroscopic particles to an impact zone and determine their constituent sub-particles