Sleeping pods decision

As of conversations with majority of current TAMI members sleeping pods have fallen out of use. Also the electrical problem is right behind the bottom one, and to reach it, I need to ruin the bottom one anyway. My proposition was to demount them altogether. Sad, but they just catch space and aren’t used as their intended purpose.
I would like to make a final decision on the topic at the meeting perhaps.

+1 I support removing them.

What are sleeping pods?

maybe remove one and move other to front wall, so it doesnt block electrics?

Sadly they are assembled in a way that requires them to be completely taken apart to keep the most of the materials intact. Also the electrical lines are located beneath the bottom pod, so hacking the top one off with sawzall is not a viable option.

There is a folding bed, that can be used instead of one. (using same mattress.)

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+1 support removal

At the moment we need to know if we continue to rent the existing space or try to find a new one. The pods removal will be dependant upon that, because the majority of votes seem to be in favour of removing them.