Sleeping pods and/or 3D printers station

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Ronen: Hi all,

We are expected to have 3 FDM printers and 2 SLA printer in TAMI.

The current suggested location is on the 2nd floor above the entrance, since we have windows there, and we can use them to vent out toxic fumes.

Currently, there are two locations for the printers on both sides of the sleeping pods, courtesy of Avi. However, one of the locations has the A/C tubes disturbing. Can we make them a bit longer, and attach them to the ceiling? Also the sleeping pods are causing a disconnect.

It is doubtful whether the sleeping pods can contribute enough money from renting them, to justify their existence. The other purpose is for hacker/maker in residence. For that purpose maybe one pod be enough, so maybe we can have only the lower pod, and the top of it could be used as table for 3D printers and computer(s) to controls them.

What do you think?

On Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at 10:43:52 PM UTC+3, Shay Gover wrote:

Before we add equipment upstairs, we need good stairs. The current access is too steep.

I see 2 options:

  1. Connect Biohub area to the welding area.

  2. Add normal stairs to the “bridge” beetwen Biohub and the sleeping pods\3D printers areas.


On Thu, Jun 13, 2019, 00:23 Jonathan Fromm <[yonata…](javascript:)> wrote:

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Agreed, accessibility is critical.

Other options:

  1. (keeping upstairs, same proposed location)
    Add an Elevator (too crazy?)

4)(upstairs, different location)
Re-purposing the gallery above the mill and lathe room as the 3-d printer area, where the stairs leading there are not as steep.
Pulling a suction to or through the welding room nearby directly to the window.

5)(not keeping it upstairs) Make room for at least one printer on the ground floor, with adequate suction tube leading to a window.
e.g. - 1 : by the door, where it used to be.

e.g. - 2: clearing half /one side of the computer desk in favour of only one or two printers

e.g. - 3: clearing out the small toilet and moving the washing machine and drier under the stairs (that area already has suction)

e.g. - 4: clearing out the lower half of the shelves in the flight of shelves that go up to the ceiling ( throwing/selling junk and storing the remainder in the current location of the 3-d printers) + making a new suction port in the window above that’s blocked by light anyway

Ronen 4:22 PM

The 3D printing station has been down for about 6 months due to construction works. The last things be need now is add lengthy construction works to have it running again. For the very least we need a temporary solution, before starting a new Odyssey.

we can take down the pods if necessary :cry:
maybe use the ‘dj area’ which currently is almost totally unused

I think I’ve heard of him/her, one down from DJ Volume.

If you’re referring to the gallery above the lathe & mill room, I too think that’s a more optimal location, but we need to be sure the area can accommodate not just the printer(s).

How about a poll to see which of the options people think is best?

  • Yes, I wouldn’t mind a poll.
  • No, I wouldn’t mind a poll.

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