RFM - cutting lazor

Here’s a 5.5W 450nm cutting lazor for $65, here’s a 40W CO2 tube for $75 and powersupply for $65 .
At these prices what are we waiting for , the safety eagle??

Add “safety glasses” to that shopping list and make sure that they’re the right sort for the laser (s) you’re using. Then enclose everything with laser filtered or opaque casings anyway. Eyesight is irreplaceable, even for the most feverent biomodder and the first eye injury is likely to cause an insurance claim that will kill TAMI dead.

At least a small laser-filtered-but-otherwise-transparent window in any enclosure is a good idea because laser cut materials have a habit of catching fire.

The unenclosed cheap Chinese laser engravers scare the shit out of me from am eye safety point of view.

beware of laser light. protect remaining eye.

buy safety glasses which block the wavelength of the laser.
otherwhise learn braile, shell and vi before using the laser