RFC media server

I’d like to get a media server up . I could

a. use the interNUC that Yair installed - it looks to have 800Gb free , wifi , a headhone jack, and possibly bluetooth

b. setup a raspi with a disk

c. use the ‘do not hack happy server’ , has PL , maybe wifi, prob. not BT


Target uses? Movies? Kodi?

right - the goal as i see it would be a repo of media (commerical stuff and tami-produced stuff) , conceivably available outside of tami , maybe using mediagoblin . kodi/popcorn etc/ would also be good .

i blv that the ‘do not hack happy server’ has a fixed ip serving wiki.telavivmakers.org but i’m not sure abt that

Jellyfin or Plex are easy to install.
I can help…

Internet has recently been restored and the server (& Ethernet cables, etc) repaired, but thanks for the offer !

The actual configuration is in fact much more complicated :] and still WIP

The media server + some other stuff is already running but not currently accessible due to some changes we are still making (but unfortunately all the media was deleted a couple of years ago due to human error so there is nothing there atm anyway)

also looking to revive TAMI 24/7 science/tech film fest
it actually used to run for years, but almost no one noticed… it used to use icecast2.

all the media lives on myserver atm
if someone wants to take it out for a spin