RFC media server

I’d like to get a media server up . I could

a. use the interNUC that Yair installed - it looks to have 800Gb free , wifi , a headhone jack, and possibly bluetooth

b. setup a raspi with a disk

c. use the ‘do not hack happy server’ , has PL , maybe wifi, prob. not BT


Target uses? Movies? Kodi?

right - the goal as i see it would be a repo of media (commerical stuff and tami-produced stuff) , conceivably available outside of tami , maybe using mediagoblin . kodi/popcorn etc/ would also be good .

i blv that the ‘do not hack happy server’ has a fixed ip serving wiki.telavivmakers.org but i’m not sure abt that

Jellyfin or Plex are easy to install.
I can help…