Rfa (request for advice) - virtual us telephone number

I’d like a us telephone number (solely to be forwarded to my IL number) - services abound and most look dodgy - has anyone used one of these for any length of time

Iirc golan telcom offer a us number

I’ve used skype for a usa phone for epiccolo engineering - works really well and you can take the call with the app or have it forwarded to your phone after configurable number of seconds.

You cannot see from the number that its skype and you get to choose an area code, iv’e chose san francisco…

Roll your own:

Use a US voip service, connect an asterisk to it (SIP) and use huawei UMTS dongle e160 or compatible with driver chandongle. Put it in an raspi and Mount it at tami go give it Internet.


Make a diaplan on the asterisk.

Shity mobile providers in Israel supply you with a cheap partner card which you can put into the raspi so it calls your Israeli mobile at cheap (wife calls husband about shopping).
I tried to setup such years ago. It is doable if you have regular physical access
to your raspi as the network could break as your box gets unplugged etc.
So go for it. Maybe there are still umts sticks at tami from my experiments. If the raspi on the Wooden board at tami is still there, and if it survived the mival. Just take it and update the raspi PBX.

I donate the rest of the sip&chandongle experiment to anyone who wants to operate it at tami

Cheers Ludwig