RFA (request for advice) - 360 video cam

A friend is looking for a 360 video , 30 fps or thereabouts and as-high-resolution-as-possible, has anyone seen something interesting?

if you looking for quality get a few of this black magic minis and sync them up on some rig.
then with some opencv calibration you can get a good undistrion map.

quality is not just resolution, its good glass and good ISP (image signal processor)


you can go to pros and they can fix you up with a custom solutions.

this are also excellent, ~1K$
conects via pci-express good for embedded

What’s the budget?
Use cases?

I own Insta360 oneX

There is GoPro Max (which I personally don’t like)
There is now the new OneX2 and the Insta One R