Reporter coming to TAMI, looking for people doing crazy hobbies

Hey all,
Yogev Carmel, reporter from Calcalist, and writer of “המשוגעים לדבר” wants to meet me and wants to do it in TAMI.

If anyone wants to meet him, or suggest a good day to come where there might be cool action, please reply or text me.

He said he will be happy to talk to people and feature them in his article. Here is a large list so you will get the idea:

  1. איציק אליהו
  2. בני קריגר
  3. עידו אגסי
  4. אלונה רחמילוב
  5. בועז אלקיים
  6. יחיאל אלון
  7. מיכה חנונה
  8. שי פרקש
  9. אלכס ניקונוב
  10. זהבה בנימין
  11. רוי דיין
  12. אבי נחמני
  13. נעם ראוזניץ
  14. ליאור מוסקוביץ’
  15. אורי פארן

When is this happening? Or did it happen already? I should be in TAMI next Wednesday evening doing some music with code. I’m talking about it in this thread.

I thought of the קפה תיקונים as a good time, but that also sounds interesting. I think he has an article about a synth maker already though.

@guysoft Whatever you think is best :slight_smile: but just to clarify, what I do is very different from making synths… Here’s a video that gives an example:

It’s also possible to have the code interact with hardware, starting to explore that and I’m hoping to meet a few people in TAMI who would like to explore this with me. Then, in that case, it’s possible to make synths with Arduinos for example and have it communicate with the code through OSC.

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