Renting the place for events


In the meeting with the bizdev expert it was suggested that we rent the place for workshop. That means closing the place for visitors and one of us will need to be there. Is it OK? How much for 1 Hour?


Did not think about it much (<1 minute). I think it’s a good idea, but:

  1. needs to be known in advance and easy to know about.
  2. I suggest we make an effort here: have a single unified calendar and print it weekly / monthly (depending on how much we know in advance - right now I suggest weekly) and hang it in the space in a easy to see space (it can also include all workshops - actually that will probably be the main thing)

Regarding price, no clue.

Also, I think we should cap it by a number of monthly hours or weekly hours. But that is a problem that we may never encounter, so no need to specify in advance how much is too much.

It’ll be in advance. Probably a few weeks. Lecturers tend to start marketing only after they have a date and place so we can safely assume 2-3 weeks.
As this is the timeline, I would like to know soon so we can start doing this in May.