Python course\workshop


There are 2 online python free courses for beginners:

While we could try to build our own python course, I think it would be better to create a workshop that supplement each of those courses. It will also give people a time and date instead of a course with no commitment.

Who can help me with this? I was thinking about a weekly meetup. ~100 nis

Maybe microPython / circuitPython, or whatever can run on esp32.

Didn’t think about a followup workshop. That also a possibility.
How’s your python?

I don’t like python, the second time I tried it, I got so frustrated, that I’m done with it for good.

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FYI there is/was an advanced workshop being concocted, on topics including debugging and formal verification, for which the language chosen was Python, mostly due to being reasonably popular and possibly some other criteria. Nothing has been announced or even promised yet, though.

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Then I should probably get going. Who knows python in TAMI?