Punching hole in wall (upstairs)

I would like to punch a hole through the wall - specifically the wall between welding room east and main room west, near where the movie screen attaches to the ceiling .
The purpose : a. to route an airconditioning assist from air-handling-unit to extant air-conditioning intake, and b. to emphasize my desire for a borderless , free world both physically and informationally.

Let the objections flow like a cold stream of pure logic

Just make sure that the air filled with welding fumes / scorched metal doesn’t enter the main room.

Air duct for AC is planned, no need for holes

Which AHU and A/C units are you talking about, the desiccant based AHU?
Do you meant that the AHU assisting the A/C? Do you mean by pre-drying?
The welding room itself has a dedicated small split a/c which covers it’s thermal load requirements.
Though it could be nice to have a window in the section where you want a hole.

There was also an intention to have a hole for suction from the 3D printers / DJ area to the exhaust fan in the welding room.

The AHU I’m talking abt is the dessicant based one currently underneath the welding table.
We wanted to run a duct from there to the AC intake near the pods and figured a convenient route is through the wall to left of welding table. The AHU is well sealed and has forced air from outside going through it , between the sealing and positive pressure i don’t think we’ll have any welding fumes problems - however one of the project goals is air quality monitoring so we would actually be able to see such a problem in the CO/VOC/O2 levels I imagine.
We can also put a window / duct for dj’s but those are different projects

IMO we have more pressing issues at the moment, the ACU should be able to be mounted vertically, and the problem will be more solvable. On the other hand, the decision on the pods should be reached, and maybe the whole project is unnecessary, there’s better places to mount an acu