Proxy on tamitam

I got a jamulus docker running on tamitam , now i’d like to try port forwarding from router to tamtam .
from here i am guessing i should add an entry like this to /etc/haproxy.cfg on the router :

listen jamuulus
    mode udp
    timeout connect 4000
    timeout client 180000
    timeout server 180000
    server tamtam

and then reload the config file something like:

kill -9 haproxy
haproxy -f /etc/haproxy.cfg

Can someone weigh in whether i need to use frontend/backend entries or is this single ‘listen’ entry enough, and is it correct to forward requests at port 22124 of the router to port 22124 at tamitam (where my process is listening)

Its the fronted / backend fancy configuration. I can take a look if you are getting stuck