Proposed process for building a QR wiki

Proposed process as follows (please provide feeback if you notice an issue).

  1. Make a list of equipment in TAMI we think users / visitors will need explaining.

  2. Add list as placeholder record in the wiki with an associated unique url.
    An empty link will have an encouragement to fill it up if you find it empty. Instruction where to sign up if you don’t have an account.

  3. Generate and print a QR code for each link.
    Stick the QR code signs on the relevant machine or item.

  4. Gradually fill up the wiki with explanations
    Doesn’t have to be write ups, could also be videos.

  5. Encurage participation. Explain to visitors how it works.
    E.g. in Guaranteed to be Open
    E.g. hold a wiki party

+1 for this idea.

whats the current process of getting access to edit our wiki?

Ask on telegram, I’m one of the admins, I can add you.

  There used to be an email message I think, and a way to request

an account, but I’m not sure if it still exists and why it doesn’t
work :confused:

(Attachment pEpkey.asc is missing)