Projector borrowed

the projector has been borrowed and will be returned Thursday
not asked, but donation 100NIS was given :slight_smile:

Hi, when T.A.M.I opens again ?

when the corona will be over

So corona-over is an event defined by your friendly government ™ :slight_smile:
Any ideas, when that will be?
I stopped building some make shift oxygen generator, as Thanks to G-d,
nobody I know of, got ill. Empty make shift hospitals in trade fair halls and
so on.
So this corona pandemic is not sooo dangerous as it was advertized for.
In about 7 months brand new respirators sell damn cheap on ebay :slight_smile:

All the best to you and never stop thnking


It’ll end when ppl decide they can open for the public without fear.

I think it’s great we got a donation! What I want to discuss is in cases where equipment is damaged or lost is there a policy?

Regarding opening TAMI, as the person who initiated the “guaranteed to be open,” I don’t feel safe opening the space, when people are not obedient regarding wearing face masks, and I don’t want to be policing them. Apart from my own safety (and my mother’s through me,) it also make the Amuta liable, and can be fined.

Unfortunately, people are sending out messages on the Telegram that it is open when they are there…I’m not up to date on the latest Ministry of Health guidelines as of this week. Things are very fluid, and the best way to figure it out, as well as cover ourselves legally may be to call them.

We have Tav Sagol so technically we can open