Phinternet - losing the cable

Does anyone have some stats on whether using a hotspot for internet at home pays off?
I had around 120NIS/month for unlimited home wired net vs. eg. 40NIS/150Gb/month thru golan - I am trying to estimate for someone else’s benefit , so I guess stats on avg. net use at home and on phone are what I’d need. I recall someone at tami mentioning they just dropped their wired entirely since cellular wound up cheaper in their.

I was considering the same thing.
in the meantime transferred to golan’s 100gb @ 35nis/month
I’m pretty sure the speed reduced from when i was on their other plan 40gb/month through hakol kalul but i’m guessing due to the timing and everyone streaming video

Hi, I tried it before some years with hot mobile, and I found that the
person who
came to “install” the docsis router did not manage to get it up and running.
It connected to a general catch-all website and somehow the setup-guy
did not manage to
get it running.
So there are many people who have internet and wlan. Just ask around,
put a piece
of paper in the house and write who owns “wifi ESSID abcdef”, please
call my phone
number if you want to share, I pay 20nis a month etc.
Do it with several people and use mwan3 to load balance.

Also UMTS in Israel is quite cheap so for normal surfing it is enough. Also
if you are good with security you can hack a wlan in your area, it encryption is
bad like WEP. Just scan and see.

Have fun