Open source Refreshable braille display (Assitive Technology)

This one is a General Public License

Visually impaired people require Assistive Technologies in order to use computers and
smartphones for gathering information. Speech synthesizers can be impractical in lots of
situations and therefore digital braille displays can be used to extend or even replace the
audio feedback. As braille readers are either pricey or have a lack of functionality, the efforts
to rework technologies of those devices is increasing. Available concepts for braille cells are
analysed and requirements of an affordable alternative functional principle for the design is
developed. The evaluation reveals a motor driven braille cell mechanism is most cost
efficient. Furthermore, the interoperability with computer and smartphone interfaces is of high
importance to achieve a great usability. From these deducted requirements a prototype
concept is developed and implemented in form of 3D printed braille actuator cells, a
microprocessor controlled main unit and a custom printed circuit board.

Master Thesis - Design and Development of a Refreshable Braille Display - Ulbinger(1).pdf (4.0 MB)