Offering my knowledge and help in anything that has to do with machining and general making . for TAMI!

so, in an attempt to contribute to Tami (other then with money)
I here by offer all my accumulated knowledge and skill in :

  • machining
  • wood work
  • non machining metal work
  • leather work
  • jewelry making
  • prototyping / making "prof of concept"s
  • small series production
    and any thing else (in no particular order…)

I do this for free but ask that you donate to Tami and spared the word

pleas tell about this to any body who would like to have my assistance
and feel free to contact me through here.
I speak English, Hebrew ,Russian and Bulgarian.


I’m trying to think on event/workshop where you help people build something but carpentry is beyond my area of expertise.
The only 2 audiences I can think of for carpentry are: Cats and Sustainability. What can you help people build in those areas?

Shay G

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an idea - small birdhouses for hanging in urban parks or at home are a great idea and easy to make. maybe a workshop along these lines?