NYU students come to visit TAMI at 12.1.20

Hi everyone,

In 12.1.20 at around 17:00 a group (~10) from New York University (NYU) Tel Aviv campus will visit TAMI.
They study assistive technologies. Look here for example: https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=assistive+tech&dwh=1005dfbe1f4afb41

In the class they do just the planning, they donโ€™t actually build anything.
They want to come and see how a community workshop look like.

Iโ€™m looking for volunteers for (They speak only English):

  1. General talk about TAMI and makers. ~30 min
  2. Volunteers that will talk about 3D printers (+demo), Metal working and Wood working. ~15 min each.
  3. If one of you did some assistive tech project and would like to talk about it, please contact me. (Even ~5 min lecture will good).


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1.I will defintily come if I can, just not 100% sure I will be around.
2.Sent / sending to some friends who are involved in such projects.
3. Suggestion for productive activity: let them identify issues and come up with ways/tech/solutions to make TAMI more accessible.

Please confirm - 12 January 2020

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Hey, thatโ€™s great!
If youโ€™d like, I can talk about our project to help blind people access data such as graphs. This is important for employment in fields such as data science, science in general, finance, and also during studies.

We recently did a podcast about it:

Broadly speaking, we take numerical data thatโ€™s often visualized using graphs, and we create an alternative accessible โ€œvisualizationโ€ using tones, speech and braille.
The braille is displayed on a hardware device called a โ€œBraille displayโ€.


We can also have a discussion on other hardware maker-style devices that can help blind people access data.

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Ofer: Yes.

Frank: Confirmed.

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@shayg what do you mean by โ€œYesโ€? :slight_smile:

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Please come

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Thank you Shay for organizing and Ofer, Frank, and Jonathan for offering to speak. I look forward to meeting and learning from all of you.

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At what Hour are they expected to arrive?


We are scheduled to arrive at 4pm