Notes from bizdev meeting Sunday 24th of February 2019

Meeting started at 2019-02-24 Sun 20:04

Participants: yair, david, me, moty, amir, jeremy, benny, arie, keren, avi, yael (new), shay

We had a 3 hour meeting on Sunday, starting a bit after 8, ending around 11.

We gathered because with current expenses and income we have 1 month before we deault on cheques.
However, the prevailing spirit was that we all agree TAMI should continue, and the question is how.
There were many issues discussed, a lot of disagreement. Below are the issues those who showed up agreed on. The full very jumbled details (corrections welcome, please post as replies and I’ll incorporate the edits) are below the summary.


  • Immediate:
    ** Anyone is urged to up their donation: we suggest you double whatever you are giving, and/or consider giving in advance for the whole year
  • Close after:
    ** workshop managers: Arie Shay and David. They will manage all the workshops in TAMI.
    *** Anyone intersted should talk to them. You can find them on our channels
    ** mosad mitnadev: Jeremy, David and Moty will submit the new papers for mosad mitnadev for 2019
    ** publishing: Shay and Ronen
    ** Keren is working on Biohub membership
    ** Keren is preparing April Workshop
    ** sponsorship: anyone can go look for it
    ** Purim twofer: Custom making event and party: who wants to take this?

Summary of our funds situation, rounded to thousands:
| duration | expense | income | summary |
| next 5 months | 13000 | 5000 | -8000 |
| after that | 9000 | 5000 | -4000 |
| item | ammount |
| rent | 7020 |
| arnona payback for next 5 months only | 3825 |
| electricity (example) | 1300 |
| arnona this year | 900 |

Bottom line 8k loss per month next 5 months, then 4k per month

Detailed and messed up summary, partially play by play, partially just left as a jumble. If anyone wants clarification, please ask the person a saying is attributed to, and share here for anyone else who might be interested.

  • Started with a round of introductions
    ** keren, floor done yesterday, can start the biohub
    ** benny, 8 yr old came and was fascinated
  • David described two activities he is doing in the space:
    ** Helping a couple making a small run of wood bark wallets (shaam) with the mill
    ** Helping a Tel Avivi robotics school team and their teacher with aluminum struts
  • Ronen explained that we are too complacent (shaananim).
    ** no real attempts were made to move
    ** we had batyam offer (midburn)
    ** we had amitai ramat gan offer, only I went
  • It became a side rant about stolen property inside the space
    ** Ronen described 3 good dell laptops donated that went missing
    ** Avi interjected that they were actually moved so to not be taken by A*.
    ** A* apparently got permission from Yair to borrow, but has been taking laptops reportedly.
  • Ronen also mentioned the arduino box contains no arduino unos
  • Keren asked how much money a workshop in the space generally provides
    ** A discussion developed about the tiny number of workshops in the history of the space, with no real example to draw on.
  • TODO Shay asked for more pictures of the space for publication
  • Benny said that although he was last active at the start of the space, he now wants to become active in a big way.
    ** He said we need someone to find people to do workshops.
    ** He suggested upping the suggested donation to 400 nis or such
    ** avi: when all the equipment is working
    ** arie: this is the proprietary ones
    ** guy working on 3d printer: shin-sheva 400-450 nis. less equipment.
    ** He urged everyone to look through their friend list and find one who needs TAMI.
    ** He proclaimed he will do everything (well not everything) he can so we do not close and do not move to another place
  • Ronen said we should have intro to TAMI again. one problem is that a lot of people do not know of the place, and the last time was 3 years ago.
    ** We can show off the new biohub
    ** We can show off a new 3d printer
  • Keren then gave a longer introduction into the relationship of the biohub with the space
    ** I did not know tami is in a financial crisis
    ** I understand I need to speed up
    ** I can do that
    ** I can bring in monies from biohub
    ** trying to start making profit now
    ** from the amuta (biohub amuta)
    ** lots of money is going into accounting. 10k nis per year.
    ** I will check how much money can come in from biohub
    ** A small discussion took place about how much the biohub is actually contributing at the moment. Turns out they have not been contributing since the place started being renovated for their use. Eventually we came to the agreement that paying as normal members should be done for months that do not include workshops. The planned workshops will bring in enough money to cover much more than the minimal recommended membership donations.
    ** Biohub is 3 people right now.
    ** Can bring in workshops, one is planned for April. Should gross 3000 nis for the space (costs twice, half goes to the giver)
  • Amir said he thinks the situation is bad and unsustainable, and that the jeopardy cannot be exagerated.
    ** we need a caretaker for the space. resident hacker (wiley / ) - biohub made the upstairs empty for 9 months
    ** A discussion about the merits of hackers in residence, mainly centered around a controversy of how much wiley actually contributed or in fact degraded the space.
  • I went over the funds, summary above.
  • Workshops
    ** We agreed that workshops are an important thing for the space, particularly for income, and that the main reason we do not have more is lack of management.
    ** We got three volunteers for managing our workshops:
    *** David
    *** Shay
    *** Arie
    ** For Publishing Workshops contact David, Shay and Arie.
  • David: I will open a group
  • Arie: planning a workshop on the 4th March. 8 people. Leather working.
    ** I learned it at Kibutz Afek, Omania.
    ** I’m doing something small, key holders, whomever does it gets 2 key holders
  • Arie talked about the importance of special interest groups, aka SIGs.
    ** He described the space organizing SIG
    ** It is important people will come to TAMI to clean up. Not just come and run away.
  • Jeremy expressed aperhension at the idea workshops will help unless they are managed by an individual.
    ** I can do a workshop. Two subjects
    ** I agree with Amir that doing workshops is not sustainable.
    ** Past experience shows it doesn’t work.
    ** What will change it is if someone takes the gauntlet, like Benny
    ** someone that will make sure the place is more ‘greased’, people come to lecture, place is fit for lectures.
  • Discussion about creating a for pay digital fabrication area, which was shot down.
    ** summary: A long discussion ended with the majority deciding against it due to conflict with the open nature of the space.
    ** details:
    *** Moty suggested turning part of the space into a for pay workshop.
    **** [these notes are more of a jumble then most. Moty/anyone: help correct them]
    **** I came after checking how I can complete the whole amount.
    **** I found Wiley. I found the biohub. I thought there were 12 people, it didn’t happen
    **** I want to start doing workshops as my line of work
    **** I wanted to rent the place up and make it a digital fabrication work
    **** 4000 k rent out
    **** either use Guy’s CnC and hillibilly style make it work, or throw it.
    **** I have a PoV workshop. I’m at finding materials sourcing stage.
    **** space required
    ***** 1.5 m per printer. want 3 printers
    **** maybe half/half with biohub space?
    *** Moty will take the table at the top (the one Avi renovated), the rest is biohub (way to start)
    *** Yair spoke against
    **** amuta can take money but cheaper than the market value
    **** but this isn’t what tami does. we are not wework for poor, or shin-sheva for poor.
    **** we are not here to turn the members into service providers.
    **** I see what happened in impact lab
    *** Moty proclaimed that the wood workshop was not working. A high spirited debate with Yair and Arie who disagreed happened
    ** Yair thinks it is doing fine, Arie mentions that this is what the SIG is done.
    ** Jeremy: how does it work in Noisebridge?
    *** Arie: lets have SIG for printers. Moty, you can be the SIG.
    *** Moty: I will not invest without making sure it is not destroyed. if it is open to everyone it is destroyed.
    *** a discussion ensued, where Moty backed down once most people were of the opinion of Yair, we are not poor people’s we work
  • Yair updated about the two sleeping pods we have upstairs.
    ** They are not doing anything right now.
    ** didn’t work for one hacker in residence
    ** we don’t have hot water (that was why the last HiR left).
  • (HiR) Amir : no sleeping, except hacker in residence (echo Mitch Altman). Explain the difference
    ** someone taking care of the place.
    ** wiley did not, but jeremy did
  • Avi: printers were good for tami funds, everytime someone came I helped him print and he donated 300 nis
  • Moty: that was my suggestion to get 5 k / mo
  • Yair:
    ** if I complain about everything that is dirty, I can’t work in the wood shop
    ** once we don’t have money we suddenly start thinking about money
    ** I don’t come from a cynical place to TAMI.
    ** I see this requirement, to put a limiting factor, a door stop, as a limiting thing
  • David is a darling. He says: I think Yair thinks there is a TAMI spirit, where people help each other.
  • Moty: I said that in addition to the equipment we have, there will be a place to construct things professionally.
  • Shay:
    ** not a full member right now. student.
    ** I wanted to propose workshops, which we already did.
    ** instant messenger group so I can find everyone: proposed telegram.
    ** dues need to go up
    ** new circles.
    *** sustainability?
    ** beer /
  • TODO Purim custom making party
  • TODO Purim party
  • Yair: technion architecture faculty comes once a year.
  • Jeremy: can we protect the equipment like they manage in noisebridge.
    ** Moty: nobody comes in unless someone knows about him
    ** Yair: not accurate. we don’t lock the place, we lock the equipemnt.
  • David: importantly, not only can things be broken, people can hurt themselves. And we are not at a point to take insurance.
    ** I took on myself to have Sunday open, like Ronen on Wednesday
  • TODO publish David on Sunday
  • David (and then me): mechanism of voting / vouching.
  • Yair: mechanism of vouching can be terrible. reminds him of animal house.
  • Yair: I saved you from knowledge about Izik. He was a mixed bag, but he lost it.
  • disucssion about mechanism to get new members
  • yair: we need a digital lock. it took 1.5 yrs to replace the lock.
  • Amir: lets talk about moving
  • Discussion about Moving, no conclusions.
    ** plusses:
    *** reboot
    *** less money
    ** reduction:
    *** a lot of work
    *** Ramat Gan:
    ** Suggestions:
    *** herzel: mahsan
    *** in same building: 100 m^2, 4900 (+17%)
  • David: I am here for the machines. I need them
  • David: I’m also for existence of TAMI, but I personally require them.
  • different locations?
    ** 3000 nis including everything for same area around Holon. 100 m^2, no galleries. usually lower ceilings.
  • Sponsorship
    ** shay: talk to Shai Berger
    ** David: is there anyone who opposes that we have a plaque with names of people/places
    ** for instance: Dror equipment (florentine)
    ** concensus: go to people and ask for money.
    ** david: JNF: a lot of people want to give money for creation. move children from computers and build stuff.
  • Schools
  • Yair: I don’t want someone to shame someone else because he paid not enough.
  • we had a vote: 400 nis suggested payment per month
  • discussion of the notebook at the entrance: privacy adocates Bennie and Amir.
  • Arie: caring for the space
  • TODO ask people to pay yearly
  • TODO ask people to pay 400 nis minimum if they can
  • David: unused equipment in TAMI.
  • Yair: you can’t ask for waver of arnona without arnona
  • Mosad mitnadev
    ** failed last year
    ** need to reiterate this year:
    ** everything sent is in the wiki.
    ** Yair will not be available next year.
  • Publishing
    ** geekcon, secret tel aviv

Purim twofer: Custom making event and party: who wants to take this?
David is contacting Gal about the workshop.