**NEW** telephone number

The new number is +972 3 372 6660. (I could not pick the old number. Unless someone knows how to transfer it?)

Please update everywhere.

Before updating - need to verify it’s working (currently it isn’t. I called, it didn’t ring)

Please update https://telavivmakers.org/index.php/Telephony with all the details on where the number is hosted, how it is routed to us, call rates etc.

Previous number cannot be transferred

It should be working fine. Try calling again. Did you leave a message?

Sure, but could someone please also update the home page, since an incorrect number still appears there? (I assume that number does not work any longer? Because if it is active we want it to forward to the new number.) Maybe make the new number show up in boldface or reverse video or something to let people know it has been updated.

I also don’t know how many other pages contain the old number and need to be updated.

I called again and this time it rang and I spoke with Asaf, so it seems to be working.
I didn’t leave a message.

For example, someone told me they got the old (bad) phone number from Facebook.

Could someone please help clean up all the extra pages? (Or maybe close some of them if they are not being used?)

According to telavivmakers.org

(the “official” TAMI home page) the following exist (at least…), so we should at least fix these:

  • Home pagecontains old number
  • Telegram
  • Google Groups — needs to be set to read-only mode, people should be using the “main forum” (this one)
  • Facebook groupcontains old number also fuck Facebook, there is a reason they are facing a $5 billion fine right now; do we really want to support them by having a facebook page?
  • twitter
  • Meetup
  • hackerspaces.orgcontains old number, also the link on the TAMI home page is broken

Updated hackerspaces.org ; what broken link? the main page (telavivmakers.org) link is http but that redirects to https seamlessly.

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Broken link on telavivmakers.org
Correct link


One thing to double-check is, how is/was the firewall set up? If the signaling/RTP ports are blocked then it won’t ring and will go straight to voice mail.


Someone was complaining that incoming calls (to TAMI) are still unreliable. (Outgoing calls are OK.) Second request to check the firewall. Packet analysis of timed-out calls available upon request.

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