New location options for TAMI (another round of)

Hi all, what about buying?

Maybe, we can buy the place if it is really rotten,

just think about this option to take a mashkanta and renovate the place,

so tami will be there forever as there is no problem with paying rent

the tami payed the maskanta.

All the best,


Summary regarding the place in Montefiori:
Attended: Michael, Moty, Jonathan
The place is in a horrid state, the landlady knows this and said
sheโ€™s open to a deal.
One possible deal we can offer her would be to get the place for free
or very cheap and we do up the place and keep it for many years.
I suggest to tell her that weโ€™re open minded to see how to
collaborate and to meet in TAMI.
The advantages of taking this place are that it is in a super central
location (10 minutes walk from Hashalom Rail station, Azrieli visible
in the background in the pic)
The disadvantages are its current state and the amount of work needed

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Interesting tidbit. However, I think we are looking for an even crappier and more importantly cheaper place.

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I hear habimba will become vacant soon?! I bet they have a great roof

yeah we are not looking for facny, we just want something that would work for us (moniz matters).
we can always fix it up to be amazing :smiley:


im officially trolling this thread

ืฉืœื— ืœืชืœ ืื‘ื™ื‘ื™ื. ืขื“ื™ืฃ ืขืœ ืžืจืชืฃ.

We need to decide already and pull the trigger. We have until end of month on our lease iiuc and that leaves two wks which is barely enough to pack and move. So lets get it on already.

Iโ€™m gonna be packing up my stuff from tami and am going to grab an official tami chair as well.
If someone misses it after the move Iโ€™ll bring it back to our new HQ.

Yes, there is an going telegram group dedicated to the search. Hit me up if you (or anyone) wants to join the hunt.
OH, I see you ar there

Anyway here the current status