New location options for TAMI (another round of)

Re: CBS (central bus station)
I had a thought about this too recently. When I asked someone about the central bus station her reaction was “too creepy, way more than the current location.”
My thoughts regarding that are:

  1. It might just be prejudice and not necessarily representative of what everyone thinks and the loss of audience will not occur.
  2. It might be representative, but still worth the cost of loosing some audience (while gaining the audience you describe ) and still worth it if the prices are lower - something to take in mind.

Another factor is that transport access to the station is better than where tami is right now.

Checking some options in the coming days, stay tuned for updates.

If anyone has any other ideas for a cheaper location, or some sort of creative arrangement - please share.

One such option is also to look at how much we pay for Rent + Arnona
Given this price list, another direction to think of is if we find another similar organization or workshop to join forces with and enter a larger place (e.g. 400sqm), joining the rent and arnona, we’ll get a lower price per sqm for our needs (roughly 150-200 sqm).

Furthermore, @shayg compiled a list of some places around tel aviv

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I highly recommend talking to the more trustworthy tenants of the CBS (like the Yiddish theater) before making the decision. I’ve heard many rumors about rent extraction, threats, and other illegal activities against renters at the CBS. I also heard that there is no official list of renters; there are lots of squatting “stores”. I can’t substantiate any of these claims, but I wouldn’t suggest going into this naively.

There should be a shopping center management of cbs.
Otherwhise one could just go, pick a lock exchange the lock use water and electricity and claim to have rented a store cubicle.

The cbs is build on tabu land for sure, so the tabu has the owner of cbs, example cbs ltd. And they should have a list of to whom they sold some units. Then these people are to be asked if you want to rent a unit legally.



What about a location in the area but not in the actual CBS? what about the other side of Ayalon, aka Hatikva?

The is no parking near the CBS so I’m against it.

Hatikva: Nice idea. But first we should check where the shafdan doesn’t flood.

There is a parkin IN the CBS
Level 1 and 2
And you can come with egged and bring smaller stuff in the hold of the bus.

Nice with rav kav, 60nis for.a day between metulla and ber.sheva.
Gas is more if you want to bring a server or the like.
Take the bus and a cart.

when can we go and see spaces at the CBS ?
we don’t need a bigger place then we have now. we nee a place that we can sustain with the 15 (ish) paying members we have. if we grow it out of it we can expand… no shortage of space there.

personally i would like to keep our current place. but it doesn’t seem feasible with all the expenses.

Why do you want a place for just 15 people? What’s the point?

I also voted to keep the current place and have lots of people, but it is not up to me, it is up to those lots of people if they want to come or not.

In Tel Aviv there are empty entire buildings (some for many years and not obviously burned down), empty storefronts, empty houses both for sale and rent all over the place even in the middle of the city. Has anyone tried calling any of the phone numbers on these places to compare prices?

Test2, kfir is referring to the amount of contributing donators.

Regarding Central Bus Station, AFAIK its closed at night, after the last bus. Might be wrong.
BTW, idish theater is an amazing space, very special

Michael has been busy and found the addresses below to start inquiring and checking out the relevant ones.
I suggest the following criterion as minimum requirements to check out the place:

  1. Area: 120sqm +, or 100sqm if the ceiling is high (5-6m)
  2. can be ventilated and air conditioning exists or can be added
  3. allows heavy machinery, including good access to bringing them
  4. work allowed at least 16hours a day
  5. noisey work allowed
  6. parking at the place or nearby
  7. maximum total cost 7,500 per month (we pay now 7200 , considered lower than the market value for similar spaces).
  8. land owner can give at least 2years (e.g. 1 year + option)

too strict? anything else?


Cheap enough to operate with current budget means much lower price, or are you including arnona?

You’re right, I didn’t include arnona, we should include and aim at a lower total.

For the 201sqm we’re on right now we pay

  • 36NIS / sqm / month on rent
  • 14NIS/ sqm / month on arnona (as Beit Melacha, before mosad mitnadev)

I.e. total of 50NIS / sqm / month i.e. total of 10,000NIS / month

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Ok CBS is closed at 0:30 (the entrance).
And they open at 4:30 or 5:00
So if you came at 23:32 and you do work at tami watch a film with the others, just get out at 6:00 after having fun with your friends. Make sure to have enough beer😃

So at cbs you have a lock down, but the exit doors should work.
Try it, go to cbs at 0:01h a.d stay there until 2:30 and try to get out.
The fire exit doors have to work.
So the closure is against people getting in at night. But any big building has to have operational unlocked fire exits.

So you always get out, I am sure.

If you go to a cultural place drink beer talk and so on, it can be late and you need to get out.
So tami is also a cultural place like yiddish.library and so on. CBS has a cool rotten “lost place still in operation” flair.



What about holon? Is arnona cheaper there?
Holon is so near to south tlv so it is worth a look.



Keeping the current place.
Keep in mind that moving is lot of work.
Also rebuilding platforms and taking machines like the big chinese milling machine is a LOT of work so the new place should be half priced compared to the existing place after they made a new contract
Maybe ask the landlord to be nice and make it a bit cheaper invite tgem to events and be nice to them as this could be less work than moving all the stuff



I think that the target rent should be 5000.

List of possible locations in arnona area 3:

  1. בניין מרכזים מולינו

  2. מרכז פנרמה בן צבי 92

  3. בן צבי 78: מבנים ישנים בשני צידי הדרך

  4. מספר בניינים ליד חבר הלאומים 14. באזור האקדמית תל אביב יפו

  5. בר לב 126

  6. בר לב 98

  7. רחוב לח"י ממשה דיין עד אצ"ל

  8. קיבוץ גלויות מיד אחרי הפנייה לשוקן.

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We need to find out as early as possible if & how to transfer the arnona classification to our new location.
If so we’ll be on a fixed tarrif of 167/sqm/year regardless on the Arnona zoning , but who knows with the iriya.
If not possible then it’d be a good idea to start off on the cheaper one as you suggested

I don;t have the time to check this right now @rshouker , @shayg any chance?

First let’s find a new place.

@kfir offered to scout the list I gathered.

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cool @beticenudi as well and so will I
we need initial filtering, calling phone numbers and removing irrelevant options before we start the legwork.
I think that if we manage to reduce from 10,000/month to 8000/month will greatly increase our chances of surviving. This is our 80-20.

reminding the other requirements: