MUTE Pop-Up at TAMI Live streaming

Hosted by MUTE and TAMI


MUTE continues the journey through the city meeting for the next Live Broadcast Session on Friday13 at Tel Aviv Makers Intl. (TAMI)

Broadcast📋Line up:
17:00 LES
18:00 Mish-ka
19:00 Oscar Pink
20:00 ANN - MUTE
FREE admission
:black_small_square: MUTE is primarily a community of music&art lovers.
Tune in and join our community.
Our artists are always accompanied by audio recordings

flyer by vadim


Getting prepared

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That was really cool! Michael thanks for setting this out! And for MUTE for the cool tunes ^-^

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Thanks @SoundSurgeon for organizing, executing and for a brilliant performance!

also thanks to what transpired on the night: EVIL FUMING DARK HORSE SHOE
soon to be placed in a box