Movie night | November 14th

Is there an undiagnosed conflict with some of the bizdev expert meetings? The Movie starts at 21:00 on purpose.

In fact, a couple of people had to leave early to catch a bus. Perhaps some people can commit in advance so we can implement some ride sharing?

Not that I know.

You could try the דמי רצינות.
But our main problem right now is finding people who like quality movies…

Due to low attendance, T.A.M.I. movie night is in danger of being cancelled. Pretty much exactly like TAMI itself. Is anybody subscribed to this list even going to the screenings?

Maybe (every) Sunday night be an issue of availability of body and mind (for me it is).
Let’s try a doodle for the next film screening?

While we’re on topic of paralleling to TAMI itself, other than use of marketing per se, perhaps matching activities of different types in TAMI to their respective maximum expected availability is another critical aspect for success.
Brainstorming what could be of use here?

  • digitized visitor traffic stats [ discussed in bizdev]
  • “market research” for the specific event. Doesn’t have to be intensive - quite possibly a doodle may be sufficient.

OK who is attending this coming Sunday?

We have two new suggestions:

  • A Woman Under the Influence
  • The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

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Reminder that this Sunday we are finishing the second half of La Dolce Vita, but if there is time afterwards we can screen a short movie or some cartoons, etc

Don’t forget to tell your friends about the awesome movie nights! Every week!

Coming up: film noir

Also improved sound

Next movie: more Fellini

sounds awesome! :smiley:

Important announcement: starting next week, movies will be screened on Thursday instead of Sunday. Please update the Google Calendar in case it does not sync automatically.

Next week: Quentin Tarantino

bring your friends!


The Fellini Movie was great, looking forward for next week

BTW a suggestion was made to make this a more community thing for TAMI members, maybe make it a monthly and we could all vote together on the movies in bring our friends too. weekly makes it a bit hard to keep people coming every-time (it seems).

The 28 is Wednesday and not Thursday. And if it’s not the 28th then your date format is a bit messed up.

It says August 29th, 21:00 (check the calendar)

28 means it is the 28th screening since we started doing it

I did not get any event notification by email so i don’t have it my calendar (and there might be cases when people disable this option in their calendar) but since your using a mailing list i suggest to use a clean and clear template with date and name of the movie you’ll be screening.

Due to technical difficulties, we have to delay the screening of this film. :frowning:

Substituting will be one of:

  • Le Samouraï
  • Dr Strangelove
  • Jianghu Ernu

(maybe more possibilities TBA)

delay to another day or hour ?
what happened?

Nothing bad happened; everything is still the same time.
Just the originally announced film has been changed to a different one this week, and the first film will be shown at a later date.

so tmr movie night is still up, yes?

How about the movie "What a mess! " ? if subtitles from Russian can be obtained / generated