Movie night | December 19th


Thursday, 19 December:

  1. Introduction and critical discussion.
  2. TBA

Do you like movies? Next showing, Sunday, March 10. Good movies guaranteed!

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Can you put this on the usual places - get help if you need

  • calendar
  • facebook

Could we autosync the calendars?

Next movie night: Sunday, 17 March!

Next movie Sunday, 9 p.m. as usual!

Can you add the movie? And how was the last one, yesterday?

shay is handling all the adding and spamming. But, could you please fix the time displayed on the calendar at the top of this page? It should be 21:00 but is displaying incorrectly for some reason.

The last movie was awesome, and we were all quite impressed by a justifiably famous work by a cinema legend.

How about Terry Gillian’s Brazil. Just be careful not to get the north American release, as it was censored by the studio.

About the spamming: I don’t know a lot of movies groups. So me spamming is not that effective.

Please at least add the announcements to all the TAMI groups. Perhaps someone else can spread the word to student film clubs, etc.?

Next week is supposed to be Wong Kar-Wai, but we can add Brazil to the queue, or even switch things around if it makes a difference.

People who show up also get to vote on next week’s showing! Many exciting features coming up, including

  • Brazil
  • Cosmos
  • Steal This Film
  • One Cut of the Dead
  • Footnote
  • The Rules of the Game
  • …and more!!!


Movie starts at ☛ 9 p.m., Sunday. ☚ Be there! Bring your friends!

Showing: Ashes of Time *Redux* by Wong Kar-Wai.

Even a trailer directed by Wong Kar-Wai is something to see…

Normally we continue next week with Brazil, and there was also one request for “Planetes”. But are people tired of sci-fi?

Also definitely not enough people are coming; clearly we have not reached the local film clubs or whatever.

Your feedback please…

The immediate suspect.
There is a short one with a time machine, single actor, low budget, forgot the name.
Shoshank redemption.

The screen sucks. Fixing that would go a long way to get people coming (ducks before it is suggested he fix it).

I know The Usual Suspects (?)

Los Cronocrímenes by Ignacio Vigalondo?? (more sci-fi :slightly_smiling_face: ) That’s 92 minutes according to Wikipedia, though.

Would ironing it work? Re-hanging it?

The sound also sucks; there is probably enough hardware at TAMI to fix it, but that takes yet more work, of course.

Next week

We need to announce the final selection ASAP, so if anyone has any strong feelings about it now is the last chance to please express them

In order to attract a wider audience, I have decided to change around the schedule and delay the sci-fi for a bit. Next showing is old-school: Pandora’s Box

Re. sound:

We need an inventory of good speakers in TAMI. Does anybody know?

Right, my bad.

Next week, I’m thinking Les Tontons Flingueurs?