Mill vise hold-downs WIP

in order to securely mount the mill vise parallel to the X axis of the machine (not possible with the current set up) I’ve decided to make two hold-downs that will fit into existing slots in the vise and be secured with tee-nuts and bolts.
the most critical distentions were the height and length of the tongue that fits in the vise slot (2.1,0.7) and the clearance hole for the m12 bolt(~1.2).

all the other dimensions were chosen by eye making sure the part will be rigid enough and doesn’t look bad.
after finding an appropriately sized chunk of aluminum I proceeded to make it square.
as this was a scrap piece I had to cut it in half to get the parts I needed:

to conserve time and material this was done with the 1mm silting saw on the mill.

but even by cutting from all sides I could not reach the middle

so I was forced to hacksaw the last 2mm left.
then I milled them to final thickness .
next I’ll be drilling the clearance hole for the bolt and counter bore for it’s head.
and then mill the tongue and bottom step.