Microscope objective

Objective - pimp the biohub microscope
Anyone with some experience in such pls weigh in . Goal - a pimped up microscope with big ccd and ability to see some heavy bio-action like osmosis , pseudopods, cilia etc.

Ordered the x40 and x100 objectives

E fuxxed the glue adaptor.
so now we need to get the plastic man to do his thing.

the camera is a UI-3884LE by IDS

here are some 3D cad designs and stuff.

drawings-ueye-le-usb3.1-gen1-boardlevel-cs.pdf (728.7 KB)

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no MIME for evil (looked for application/evil). Maybe it’s all good.

Going over Jeremy’s to-do list,

Aside for fucking up the hot glue I think we got it done.

Nice display . . . Check.

New lens . . . Check.

Watching and recording Cilliates divide and Vorticella sucking in Cocci and Streptobacilli . . . Check.

In general, watching creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water, while not considering the possibility of life on other planets or minds immeasurably superior to our regarding the earth with envious eyes, slowly and surely drawing their plans against us . . . Check!


We can always use more FPS.

Autoupload vids to TAMI servers/Wiki.

Samples: Pseudopods, diatoms.

Staining: H&E, Gram (crystal violet+counter)

Growth media (LB and Agar)

3D print adapter for cam.

Hack the microscope stage - the higher magnification lens has a focal distance too small for the maximal stage height.

Another idea is to replace the stage xyz mechanism with a bunch of servos to control it over the webby-netty thing. (A remote sample dispenser is also planned)

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