Meeting with tel aviv muni sustainability dept


Thanks to Arie , next Thursday officials from Tel Aviv Muni sustainability dept will visit TAMI.

The purpose is to obtain financial support as an independent hub where there is substantial sustainability and community activity. Basically ask them to help us do what we already do .

50,000 NIS per year would help a lot ( but not all of it has to come out of their budget)

While there’s an off chance they’ll write us a cheque on the spot, it’s likely they’ll tell us about the official ways they can support us, and perhaps themselves come up with new ideas for the future, or point us to additional support.

There is already one relevant call קול קורא לתמיכה ביוזמות סביבתיות (also thanks to Arie for pointing it out)
relevant with up to 15,000 NIS per proposal.
Perhaps it is possible to submit as 2-3 separate initiatives from within TAMI.

So if you’ve done any such activities or have ideas for new ones please come! (see list below for some ideas) ( up to 1person per 7sqm of tami )

Guidelines: During the visit please focus on positive relevant activity that’s been going on (see list below) and avoid negative talk i.e. arnona whinges are a big nono (unless they ask explicitly).
Can also leverage stories of non-independent hubs than have/are being set up by or with municipalities in Yahud and Ramat Gan with x10 the money and 1/2 the impact of an organic community.

Examples of such past projects / events / initiatives:

etc etc the list is long

I would help, but sadly I am not in Israel.

If you need help in concepts, please ask me anything.



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Brilliant! Good luck with it, T.A.M.I. deserves it.

Your list is what I would say. In general, T.A.M.I.'s very existence shows that consumerism and a disposable culture is not the only way to be. T.A.M.I. existence is a model to show people other possibilities.

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Will submitting a hydroponics workshop help?
(Or anything else I can do to help?)

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I think it could very well, can talk to them about it on Thursday

Thanks for all who attended the meeting!
Meeting summary:

  1. Visitors: 4 people from sust. dept. arrived + 2 from the Shapira community centre. They were all impressed and said TAMI fulfills exactly their vision for citizen-lead volunteering activities surrounding sustainability , reduced consumption etc.

  2. Apart from Noa, our POC at the dept who heads sustainable neighbourhoods and visited before, they were all quite surprised they never heard of us.

  3. They would like to help, gently, as to not upset the independent spirit of TAMI. Several methods raised:

    • Paying for workshops in occasional out-events that they hold
    • Giving TAMI a desk to self-promote in these events
    • PR - promoting tami in their network and centres, including posters. optimistic estimate that this could add 30-40 core members to TAMI.
    • Direct support - they will check previous support TAMI got and see if it can be done again / on a regular annual basis (especially since they now know of the financial problems TAMI faces).
      I’ll pass on to them all relevant materials.
    • call for proposals - e.g. קול קורא לתמיכה ביוזמות סביבתיות due on the 15th. Bike repair they already have someone doing, but can suggest anything else, especially workshops. up to 15,000NIS per proposal
  4. Other interesting things:

    • Shapira community center manager also invited to do workshops at their place.
    • Apparently there’s no good solution for community composting centers - if someone has a good solution for that, it would be welcome as a project in Shapira.
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