Machine room renovations

Last update: 6/12/19

@id3m @dkostadinov7 @eran and i were speaking about renovating the machine room
so naturally i’m making a Discourse thread about it.
feel free to join us.

Current task: taking all unnecessary shit out first

suggested way to accomplish the above

  1. designating a material sorting area
  2. sorting scrap to usable and recycling scrap
    • subdivision to: mild-steel, high carbon steel, stainless steel, Non Ferrous metals and (plastics, resins and polymers)
  3. evaluating value and volume of both usable and recycling scrap to make a better decision

Machine room - The Plan: with no order atm

  • Moving the mill to the left wall
  • cutting the table up to 60 cm depth and moving it to the back wall (where the mill is rn)
  • building drawers to fit under the table
  • moving all stock upstairs and out of the room.
  • having only the tools needed in that room.

Upstairs: welding, jewelry, fabrication, paint booth and material storage - The plan
*this is comprised of things I have seen people use the space for

  • ongoing - modular tool / fabrication table
  • new floor plan with designated place for each activity or modular work stations
    proposed goal is 4 - 5 person total simultaneous capacity of the upstairs area (excluding 3d area)

(edit this post so we can sync about the work that we are doing)

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The upstairs storage is problematic as well. Need better solution.
I think David’s idea of scrapping the “scrap” and getting better pieces for working in mill/lathe is the best to reduce clutter.

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  1. Suggest to draw out the proposed layout, birds-view. Not sure what you mean by " Left Wall."
  2. Is the table really still necessary in the room? What’s its future purpose?
    Historically most of its volume functioned as an inefficient storage space, which seems to be remedied by several methods. So maybe getting rid of it altogether will allow more room for another machine or even room to walk around.

The table I am working on is in the pics here.
The design concept is for 2 parallel rails on the x axis and having y axis rails clamp on to the x rails allowing for tool mounting, work surfaces or clamping for fabrication.
Would love your input and ideas on how to make it even better!


@id3m i agree, we can spare to scrap alot of it. @dkostadinov7 said he would check for price.
if you need help moving it just let us know

  1. yeah as soon as we will agree on a floor plan.
    2.well, it is necessary and it will be more useful after the mods.

@Eran is this table for the upstairs?


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