Looking for collaborators in open hw + sw "smart" kitchen scale

Hi all,

TL;DR: Looking for help in web programming for open hw+sw “smart” kitchen scale for bread baking. Other help appreciated :slight_smile:. This ain’t a job offering, more of a partner / collaborator search party :mag:.

I’m working on a digital kitchen scale that can connect to google sheets for loading bread formulas, then save the measured quantities back to the cloud spreadsheet for future reference and improvement.

I’ve been working on that for some time now, and quite a few people in my surrounding said that it sounds interesting to them, and that they would like to have such a scale. Most of those people are not home bakers, but would still like to have a “smart” (hate that designation) kitchen scale none the less.

After a meeting I had with a friend whose an innovation lead at some hi-tech company here in TLV, I decided to try and make this a “maker” product. What that means to me is that it will be an Arduino based, hackable, logging, precision scale. It will probably also mean mechanical parts be either free to download and print / cut, or that the construction be based on hacking existing cheap digital scales. I think such a platform can be used to also build a precision / semi-analytic balance or specific gravity scale. Or all of the above, given it’s programmable. Maybe that might be of interest to BioHub?

The Arduino (with freeRTOS) code is in a preliminary working state tested on an ESP32 dev board, and I have a sorta-working-but-not-quite-there-yet google script to read and write from my bread formulas spreadsheet. I’m also using a basic Android app for setting WiFi credentials, and display on the smartphone a larger display then the scale’s screen.

If anybody’s interested, I’m looking for help with web programming and OAuth2, so that the scale could be set once to be used with a certain spreadsheet, provide credentials, and then handle communication to the cloud spreadsheet on its own, free from the smartphone app. Besides that, I’m looking for people who find this project interesting and would like to participate in making it more than a one-off.

Currently the project is a bootstrapped effort by me, (mostly) alone, so atm I can’t offer compensation. I’m considering joining this year’s Hackaday prize which is more product-oriented this year. Haven’t given much thought to funding besides that.

Any thoughts, suggestions, and remarks are welcome.

Uri Sh

אני אשמח לעזור בכל מה שקשור לתיעוד וניהול ידע.

I’m currently working on a basic Fritzing drawing of the system, hope to be done by end of today (need to create new parts, and Fritzing sucks at that).
I’ve started a documentation on a private project page on hackaday.io, and code is on a private Github repo. If you send me your user name (if you have one) I’ll add you.

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shaygover on github
shayeg on hackaday