Live coding meetups and workshops


I’d like to start hosting a variety of meetups, workshops and events related to live coding in TAMI. For those of you who don’t know what live coding is, it’s a form of music performance which uses computer programming to create music and modify sounds in real time. I mainly use a software called Sonic Pi to do this, which uses the Ruby programming language.

I’m new in the community and was strongly encouraged by some of you to follow the “just do it” philosophy (which I think is great!) so I’m just going to go ahead and write some of the things I have in mind. Looking forward to hearing your feedback, questions, suggestions, etc…

  • Meetups: For me, meetups are a dedicated time every week (2-3h) where anyone interested in live coding can come, learn and share their work if they want. I would commit to be there every week and help anyone getting started and answer questions people might have. I don’t think of meetups as events per say, people can come with their laptop, plug in headphones and start working. There’s no participation commitment but I think the important thing is consistency. It would be great to have a dedicated time each week when people know that if they want to come and live code, someone is there able to help and answer questions.

  • Workshops: I also give proper live coding workshops, where people come to learn and where I do my best to give as much information as I can. There’s different kinds of workshops possible: I can do beginner workshops for people with no programming experience to advance where we explore a specific aspect of live coding more in depth. I can also do workshops geared towards teenagers, since Sonic Pi is used across Europe as an educational tool for helping teens develop their creativity while learning to code. It all depends in what the community and people in general are interested in. To start, I’m thinking of scheduling an “Introduction to Live Coding” workshop somewhere in Feb. Usually, workshops happen once a week over the course of 4 to 6 weeks but it’s also possible to do one-time introduction workshops to grow interest and help people get started. That’s what I’m thinking to do in Feb to get started.

  • Events: Performances involving live coding, both on the sound and visual level. There’s an online event which I’m going to be a part of happening somewhere between March 20-22 (still waiting to know which time slot will be given to me). It could be really fun to stream from TAMI if the place is available and turn it into a small party. Here’s the link if anyone is curious:

There’s load of possibilities to explore. Also, there’s cool projects to do by combining live code with hardware, it’s possible to work with Arduinos for example and create synths that communicate with the code… anyway, just saying that it doesn’t have to be exclusively focused on code :slight_smile:

So following the doOcracy, I’m planning to start the meetups next Wednesday, from 7pm to 9pm (unless anyone wants to suggest a better time?). I know it’s short notice but like I said, personally I just want to start and establish some kind of consistency, if people come then great and if no one comes I get practice time which is good for me anyway :slight_smile: If everyone is ok with that time of the week, I’d love to add the meetups time in the calendar (or maybe someone can help me with that?).

For an “Introduction To Live Coding” workshops, what about Sunday February 2nd from 6pm to 8pm? Again, I’m not familiar with the calendar yet, not sure if something is already planned that day… Sorry for being such a newbie :grimacing:

Few questions and concerns

  • $$$: I read a lot on the forum and talked to some of you about the financial struggle that TAMI is in and I really want to help and contribute what I can. For the meetups, I was thinking it could be on a donation basis (people come and give what they want in exchange of receiving help and support) but I think the workshops should have a fixed fee. I’d like to suggest that all the money made (in meetups, workshops, performances…) is split half/half after covering my travelling expenses (since I’m coming from Haifa…). Does that sound ok for everyone?

  • Marketing: For sure I’m going to do as much marketing as I can for the meetups and any workshops or event I organize but live coding is still kind of unknown here so it might take some time before really building a crowd for this. Any support that people from TAMI can give on social media to help spread the word would be super appreciated…

I’m super excited about all this and so happy I found you guys :slight_smile: I know this post is long but hope you like some of the plans and ideas I talked about. I’m coming with lots of energy and motivation to get involved and do cool things :nerd_face:

I’d love to get some feedback if anyone has comments, questions, suggestions, etc…


Talk to me if you need help setting up the events or marketing it.

I was in contact with @EarthAbigail in twitter who was interested in organizing algoraves here in Israel. I would get in contact with her!

@tewner What’s your Twitter handle? Earth To Abigail is me :smiley: sorry maybe I forgot to mention that… :sweat_smile:

@shayg Thanks Shay! Definitely let’s talk, where can I find you on social media? Would be great to connect on the platforms you’re using, like that I can tag you and you can see whenever I make a post talking about TAMI :slight_smile: I’m pretty active on Instagram and Facebook and also Twitter more and more… Here are links where you can find me:


Twitter: @EarthAbigail

Instagram: @mynah_m

Haha. Yeah, there the non-zero chance this would happen. Check your Twitter DMs for my handle.

Good luck! I’ll try to make it to one of your events at TAMI - I work next door.

@tewner Thanks! Hope to see you soon there :slight_smile:

This all sounds amazing and imo a great addition to the community!

yeah! :star_struck: you got it! Just to make it “official” added it to the TAMI calendar.
If you need adjustments let me know (or anyone else, e.g. Shay) or best yet , you can DIY if you have a gmail account (which you’ll be given access to the tami one)
(btw, the calendar also appears in the middle of the current landing page and hopefully will be synced with or replaced by the new platform - )

Same as above, added to calendar (even though tentative). It can be changed if necessary :sunglasses:

You don’t need permission for this either, that being said, thanks for asking!
imo it’s in line with past activities and if it works, then it’d be a wonderful testimonial for increasing desired activities in tami while aiding it financially.

@jonathan Amazing! :heart_eyes: Thank you so much :slight_smile: I’ll check the calendar, I do have a gmail account so I’ll make changes if necessary and ask questions if I’m unsure about anything. Thanks for adding the meetups and the workshop! I will also post on the TAMI fb group in case that helps people to know what’s happening :slight_smile:

For the financials, I’m glad you think that what I’m suggesting is a good arrangement, let’s make this profitable for everyone! I believe we can do it we some effort! :tada: :partying_face:

I changed the hour of the “Introduction To Live Coding With Sonic Pi” workshop on February 2, from 6pm to 7:30pm. I forgot that I have a day job in Feb (just 1 month) so I need more time in the evening to get to Tel Aviv…